Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

I've gone through ALL 5000-and-something petitions, and collected the URLs of those that I support and/or think should be signed. I've tried to ignore the poor English and grammar in some of them, and, even, I've signed some that make no legal sense, but, some I've signed merely to 'raise awareness' and 'show support' even though the wording and/or request that is being made is impractical or meaningless. It is worth noting that when on that site, you can change the ID number in the URL and view any historical epetition, even though old ones do not show up on the site's simple navigation system. So... VOTE ON ALL OF THESE, YOU REASONABLE UK CITIZENS! - Assisted Suicide/Voluntary Euthanasia available to all - Centralise MPs Websites (2014 02 11) - Make Organ donating Opt out rather than Opt in - Abolish the "Lords Spiritual". Church reps should be ordinary "Lords Temporal" - BAN THE WEARING OF ANY FACE COVERING beyond the entrance of ANY taxpayer funded building - Enter the Schengen Visa Area - Stop building on flood-plains - Recognition for David Attenborough … (from Sir to Lord) - Prevent the loss of ancient woodlands in Britain - Pardon for all gay men convicted for indecency in private under section 11 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885 - Parents who allow their children to become obese should be put on trial for child cruelty - The Union flag should be preserved, regardless of the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum - Castration of paedophiles and sex offenders - House of Lords Religious Representation Reform - Do not cut BBC funding - Legalise Outdoor Marriage Ceremonies - Reduce the UK's dependency on Fossil Fuels - every who clams any type of unemployment benefit or welfare allowance must pass a monthly drugs test to continue to qualify for the benefit - BAN THE WEARING OF A BURKA OR ANY OTHER FACE COVERING DURING ANY COURT PROCEEDINGS - Non Donor Card - Stop FGM in the UK Now - Make Humanist weddings in England legal as they are in Scotland - Abolish Faith Schools - Abolish homeopathy, acupuncture and other non-evidence-based treatment in the NHS - Promote cycling by implementing the recommendations in the 'Get Britain Cycling' report - Lessons in critical thinking should be made compulsory teaching in all UK secondary schools - BAN HALAL AND KOSHER SLAUGHTER IN THE UK
Tags: democracy, uk
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