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A Book Review of "Their Name is Today" by Johann Christoph Arnold

A new page! "A Book Review of "Their Name is Today" by Johann Christoph Arnold"

The contents menu is:

A book on parenting which is mostly personal opinion, waffle, rhetoric and a few nicely told stories, alongside some bits of good (but common sense) advise on raising children. But the book is mostly a trick. It purports to be 164 pages long, but it uses spaced out lines and wide margins on every page... in reality it is only, say, 100 pages long. The best bits are where the author reinforces elements of good parents that are common sense. The rest of it is unsubstantiated waffle, and author confuses his own biases for being truths that need to be preached to others. Don't buy this book.

The author mistakes having a lifetime of practice with children to mean that all of his opinions about children, parenting and society are therefore correct. Much more fact-checking is needed, and a clear demarcation between social commentary (which the author is poor on) and parenting (which the author is good on).
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