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2014 Nov 11

I had a day off of work yesterday, so I jumped at the chance of doing daytime-family stuff.
  • Got up at 0730
    Breakfast: 1 weetabix and some cheerios with half fat milk.
    Dropped Logan off at school. Sat in a café (Cin...) in the nearby town (Cor...) for an hour, reading up on EU economics and banking reform, and chilling out.

  • Done a bit of web-dev (updated and
    Lunch: Marmite & cheese sandwiche, a few bits of salad and veg.
    More web dev.

  • Picked Logan up from school, went shopping, and made a salmon & brocolli lattice tart for dinner, with green beans, chunky carrots and mini-sweetcorn-on-cob.

  • Then Parents' evening at Logan's school.

  • Home; and told Logan a bed-time story (another installment of my version of Day of the Triffids - I'll add a summary in a Reply to this post).

  • Listened to alterantive dancey playlist including Memmaker and Reaper albums.

  • Went to bed at 2320hrs approx.

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