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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

2014 Nov 11

I had a day off of work yesterday, so I jumped at the chance of doing daytime-family stuff.
  • Got up at 0730
    Breakfast: 1 weetabix and some cheerios with half fat milk.
    Dropped Logan off at school. Sat in a café (Cin...) in the nearby town (Cor...) for an hour, reading up on EU economics and banking reform, and chilling out.

  • Done a bit of web-dev (updated http://www.humantruth.info/souls.html and http://www.humantruth.info/thinking_errors.html).
    Lunch: Marmite & cheese sandwiche, a few bits of salad and veg.
    More web dev.

  • Picked Logan up from school, went shopping, and made a salmon & brocolli lattice tart for dinner, with green beans, chunky carrots and mini-sweetcorn-on-cob.

  • Then Parents' evening at Logan's school.

  • Home; and told Logan a bed-time story (another installment of my version of Day of the Triffids - I'll add a summary in a Reply to this post).

  • Listened to alterantive dancey playlist including Memmaker and Reaper albums.

  • Went to bed at 2320hrs approx.


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A summary of Day of the Triffids Part 13 (which I told to Logan last night as his bed-time story)

The battle is raging on, and the story resumed at around 2am in the morning. All the radios were busy and Logan and Peter's gang were co-ordinating the fight against the Triffids' new trick. The people in Leeming Town Center had put heavy furniture on about 40 of the manhole covers, but, the triffids kept pushing through. Henry the Helicopter pilot receives a call to rush to Southgate street, as 20 or 30 Triffids pushed up through one of the manholes and are now walking the streets. A few people have unfortunately been killed. He arrives and with a few of Zebediah's gang's whips (sighted people who lead the gang), they charge the Triffids. Everyone has been in their protective gear all night, and everyone is tired.

Using the flamethrower, Henry burns the drains that the Triffids were coming up, and smoke rises into the air. They use broken bits of furniture and fridges and freezers and put it all down the drains so no more Triffids can come up. They have burnt about 20 manhole covers now, but they have used most of the petrol fuel. They've only got a few gerry cans of fuel left.

Henry now has another call to go to Baron's Road in the North, where there are a few manhole covers where the Triffids are /nearly/ breaking through. All the people have piled furniture on some of the manhole covers and are standing on other trying to stop the Triffids coming out. The Trifiid's poison tongues keep coming out and trying to get people when the manhole covers are angled. But while Henry is helping Zebediah's gang in the North, Roger's gang have called for help as well. But everyone is already fighting the triffids.

It comes to about 4 am, and it seems the Triffids have stopped trying. Thanks to Logan working out what the Triffids' sneaky plan was, the people had just enough time to save Leeming Town Center, and so the Triffids didn't get it the way they got Liverpool Town Center. People start taking it in turns to get some sleep, and Zebediah sends out patrols to check the main wall (which is made from cars, lorries, metal sheets, furniture and wood, all nailed together, and is very strong). They don't find any holes in the wall.

But what about Roger's gang? Peter radios the gangs and tries to contact them, but there's no answer. Henry doesn't have enough fuel now, and he can't fly over there to see what's going on. So Peter and Logan climb on top of the houses near the Town Center, and use binoculars. They can see... people standing on the roofs. Roger's gang are all up the rooftops! And there are people in the upstairs windows. Some of them are waving flags and doing morse code. Roger's gang's area has been overrun with Triffids, but it looks like most of the people are OK and have got up to the rooftops and the safe areas. But they all need rescuing.

"We can rescue them with the helicopter..." says Logan (in real life).

No, there isn't enough fuel. Nearly all the fuel has been used during this long night fighting the Triffids. He's only got enough fuel to go to the Depot and refuel it, which he will have to do tomorrow after getting some sleep. They're going to have to use the Armoured Tractor and Trailor.


But that's the story for next time. Rescuing Roger's gang. We'll have to update the map in the morning and make sure we colour in Roger's area green, because the Triffids have got that area now.

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