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2014 Nov 12

  • 0700: Up! Got Logan ready for school, tidied/washed in kitchen (well... I helped, anyway).
    Played stupid FB game for a while.
    Programmed Ziggy, my content management software, with a better front-end for managing Navigation Bars, and cleaned up some old generic code that is used for the "Lists" form; re-used quite a lot by various subsystems so I was testing things carefully as I went along.
    Getting engaged by the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft's preparation for the landing of Philae on the comet. Great stuff - even managed to "Tweet" about it, which is a once-every-other-month event. Twitter is so stupid.

  • Lunch: I went to local café and had a small English breakfast... not a healthy choice!
    Wrote up yesterday's installment of Day of the Triffids and added it as a reply to yesterday's diary entry.

  • Updated my page Religion Versus Womankind. Karen Armstrong wrote that "Most religions have been male affairs and have kept women in a subordinate position" - added ref to the intro paragraph (section 1). Added section 8 on how Alternative religions are putting older traditions to shame. "New religions have tended to practice and enshrine gender equality, such as Paganism, Satanism and Wicca. Pagan and Earth-centered religions not only to treat women fairly, but are sometimes dominated by women. Neopaganism and Wicca formed strong associations with early feminists. Feminists joining Dianic witchcraft in the 1980s (influenced by authors such as Zsuzsanna Budapest and Starhawk) outnumbered all other kinds of convert in that decade, and Paganism in general attracts those who are interested in feminist spirituality and goddess worship". And more.

  • I've got the number of "To Do" items across my webpages down from a height of 950 in Jun, to a relative low of 850.

  • Picked Logan up from school, played some Lego with him.

  • Updated this page:"Ghosts, Physical Properties and Ghostly Clothes: A Skeptical Investigation".

    • Added a comment on classical Greece to the intro paragraph: The fact that ghosts appear clothed is highly mysterious, but gives away their true origins. The pagans and Greeks of the classical world told stories about visits to the underworld, and it was always easy to recognize their fellows, because amongst the dead, "not only had the corporeal aspect been retained, but even the customary raiment". How is this possible?
    • Added section 7. Ghosts' Eyes , which is old text that I've moved to this page from a different once.
  • Dinner: Omlette, mashed potato and beans.
    Now working on a page on Paganism (in its modern forms) that I haven't launched yet.

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