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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


  • 0730: Branflakes.
  • Work
  • Went for a 10km run at lunchtime, after taking over a week off from running. So got a slowish time, 44mins. I haven't uploaded it onto Garmin yet.
  • Put the boy to bed, and told him next installment of Day of the Triffids (I'll summarize it in a comment to this entry!)
  • Evening: I can't remember! Was following the Rosetta spaceship & Philae lander's news.
  • 0700: 3xOatabix for breakfast (similar to weetabix, but a bit heavier... 3 was perhaps too much!
  • 0810-1830: Work. Stuff happened, and I had to work late to cover until stuff got fixed. We didn't cause the problem, but we're the ones who had to deal with it! There will be fall-out, next week.
  • Went to stay in a hotel for the weekend.
  • Dinner: Swordfish steak with vegetable/onion/cucumber/tomato salad with chunky chips. Very nice. Had cocktail "Day at the Beach" - made of something nice, ameretto, something else, grenadine. And then got another and asked them to add a vodka to it too, which was even better.
  • 2100: Got online, checked my spaceships on Galaxy Legion (my one and only game).

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Day of the Triffids Part 14, as told to my 5yr old boy at bed time

The long battle that lasted all nights against the Triffids as they tried to break through the drains and sewers is finally over. It is morning, and the gangs have done their radio checks and had their morning meeting. They have a lot of problems.
  • Roger's gang's area has been overrun with Triffids. Most of the gang is OK, and they are all hiding on the top floors of buildings and on rooftops. They've lost their radio, but they are communicating with flags and doing Morse Code. They don't have much time, because the Triffids will break through the windows and start slowly pushing themselves up the stairs of the buildings, and, it is not easy for all the people to hide up on the roofs. Roger's gang needs rescuing.
  • The helicopter has only enough fuel to get to the Depot. Henry the Helicopter Pilot will have to take it and refuel it, but that will take most of the day. He'll have to take someone else with him who can see. It's up to you who he picks... Logan picked Simon.
  • All of the drains need to be checked, and more of them need to have heavy furniture put on them, or to be filled with dirt.
  • The streets need to be carefully checked for any Triffids that are still there, hiding next to trees where they're hard to see.
  • The walls and outer fences need to be checked.
  • Some of the mobile fences need to be repaired.
The gangs are getting the walls ready so they can get out. They need to dismantle it, move the cars out of the way, and cut it in half carefully, so they can pull it open. When they start pulling it open, the Triffids will push against it, and push it the rest of the way open. Then they will use the Armoured tractor and smash through the Triffids. Then they need to close the wall. The problem is, some Triffids will get in when they do it, and they'll have to open and close it again to let the Armoured tractor back in. And to rescue all of Roger's gang, they'll have to come in and out a few times.

So they are going to make some new, amazing armoured mobile fences. They work on them all day. They are on wheels, like the others. They pull the levers and the wheels lift up. Then the fence is on the floor and the triffids can't push it over because it is too strong and heavy. They push the levers and the wheels push down and lift it up, then they can push the fence to where they need it. Peter and Logan examine the feance...

"Why has it got this long hole in it all along?? You can see right through it! It's not finished!"

"No no no", said the engineer and the blind people who had built it. They had made 2 of them. This fence has a secret weapon! When there are Triffids the other side, they are too tall so their poison tongues can't get down to this hole. The hole is too low! We can take the garden shears out of their slot, put them through the hole, and chop the Triffids into pieces! And when we want to, we can undo the catches, and close the slot. Then we can open the slot, get the shears, chop the Triffids, put the shears back into the armoury on the fence, close the slots, put the levers down, push the fence to where there are more Triffids, pull the levers so the Triffids can't push the fence and they are trapped, and kill doing that! We can use these new armoured mobile fences to contain the Triffids that get in when we rescue Roger's gang.

Meanwhile, Henry and Simon are flying to the refuelling depot for the helicopter. There is a flashing red light because they are low on fuel. They semi-crash land, just a few minutes' walk from the Depot. They pick up a gerry can each, count down, throw open the doors, and run for the depot. As they run past some trees, suddenly they get whipped on their helmet's. Their protective clothes keep them safe. Some Triffids come out of the trees and start following them.

They get to the fence. They have been here before, and have placed big boxes next to the fence. They jump on the box, vault over the fence on to the box on the other side. They go to the tanker, and use a manual pump to get the fuel. Each time they pump, some fuel comes out into the gerry can. They will fill both of them, put the fuel in the helicopter, and then fly the rest of the way into the Depot and refuel properly.

They fill their cans and run back to the box. But the other side of the fence there are also about 15 Triffids. They can't fight them all. One of the Triffids... is taller than the others! And its pod... is darker purple, instead of green-purple.

"It's one of the new Triffids from the seeds!"

That's right. From the day when all the Triffids released their seed and it looked like it was snowing, now the first ones are adults and have started walking around. Its trunk is thicker, it is taller, it looks stronger, and it has those strange tentacles dangling down over its body. The tentacles come through the fence, and Logan and Peter don't dare to try to get the box and move it, in case it grabs their arms. It starts pulling down the fence! This is a Triffid that can pull down and tear down fences.

They run down the fence a few hundred meters, and use their axes to break through. All the Triffds are still further down. They run to the helicopter and start putting the fuel in. The Triffids are slowly coming towards them. The purple Triffid is fast, and they are going to have to fight. it. Simon quietly and slowly walks towards it, while Henry refuells. They have a plan. Henry makes lots of noise, so the Triffid walks towards him. Simon stands completely still and holds his breath, and the Triffid walks past him. He his the Triffid from behind with his axe, and chops at is several times until it is dead. But the rest of the Triffids are coming. Henry has refuelled, they take off and land back inside the compound.

They take it in turns to pump fuel into the helicopter.

The Triffids are coming through the fence where they chopped it down, and they have to take it in turns to fight the Triffids with their axes, and to refuel. Every few minutes they swap around. Henry finishes refuelling, jumps in, starts the engine, closes his door. He looks up and can see Triffids coming towards the helicopter. He can't see Simon. He waits a minute, and then closes Simon's door. He can't wait because if the Triffids get their roots on the helicopter, he won't be able to take off. He flies over, and can see Simon laid on the floor. His helmet and some of his protecting clothing has been knocked off, and the Triffids have got him. He's dead. Logan was a bit uncomfortable/sad... Simon has been a key player in several dramatic turns in this story so far, and I can remember Logan was literally jumping with joy one day when Simon was recovered after they thought he'd been killed previously.

Henry flies back to the Mansion, and doesn't look forward to telling everyone that Simon is gone. But at least they have a full tank of fuel. He will have to go to Leeming Library and use some maps to find a different refuelling depot, because they can't go back to their normal one now the fences are broken.

The gangs have finished the new armoured mobile fences, they have fuel back in the helicopter, and the wall is ready for them to start the rescue of Roger's gang. They can pull it open and smash through the Triffids with the armoured tractor, and use the new fences to contain the ones that get through. They still need to get more petrol for the flamethrowers, but they can do that another day. It is too late at night for them to start the rescue... so that will be what Part 15 is about.

Apart from all that, there were many extra details and demonstrations during the story, as normal, including chatter on the radios, fight scenes, etc. But its far too much to write!

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