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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


  • 0730: Up, went online.
  • 1000: Breakfast in the hotel. Special K cereals, apple juice, a chocoate-croissant type thing, 2 slices of toast with butter & honey. And saw people having coffee... I miss coffee, but I completely gave it up just over 2 years ago.
  • Sat in the foyet reading for an hour - GK Chesterton's terrible collection of poor rhetorical arguments, entitled What's Wrong with the World?.
  • Went swimming for 90 mins, and 20 mins in the sauna. Chatted to some nice ladies :-) Er... and my misses, who was sat next to me.
  • Almost everyone in this hotel is horribly wobbly-fat. Its like there's a convention on, except the high streets are just as bad. They can't get up out of chairs normally, they never use the stairs, and all their food is voluminous and poorly chosen. These idiots are costing the NHS more and more.
  • Hotel room, shower. Spent ... about 2 hours just reading random rubbish on Facebook.
  • 1800: Salmon, noodles and leeks (although my misses says they weren't leeks, they were Pak Choi... or somethign).
  • A bottle of wine and a cocktail (same one as yesterday, with extra vodka - today's barman said: "Why not?!!").

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20141117 Day of the Triffids Part 15

I told Logan (quite interactively) about the resuce of Roger's gang from the streets that were now overrun with Triffids. It all went very well. Logan was the Armoured Tractor driver, so I asked him "which pedal?" and he guessed and learnt his way... "right!" -> "yes, now you get your speed back up"... and, "you're at the end of the row of the houses and need to stop... which pedal?" -> "the middle one!".

But after the rescue, the radio crackles into life. "kkkkkkkkk hello is someone there?"

Logan: "Is it talking to me?"
Me: "Well, you have a radio..."
Logan: "Hello"

A scientist called Einstein introduces himself. He is trapped in a building in London. They exchange information - Leeming has 110 survivors, split into 3 gangs, plus 11 people who can see - the rest are blind. Einstein is a scientist and declares he knows a way to control the Triffids, but, that the Triffids keep breaking through their defences and now they're stuck.

Logan: "We can come and rescue you."
Einstein: "How?"
Logan: "... We can come get you with our helicopter."
Einstein: "You've got a helicopter, amazing!"

They agree to pick him up the next day at 3pm from the roof of his building in London.

Einstein: "OK then, I will see you tomorrow."
Logan: "... Out!"

I couldn't believe it - Logan used correct radio procedure to end the conversation, even though Einstein hadn't used any (because in the story, he doesn't know it)... Logan just remembered and used it himself to end the conversation! Good boy :-)

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