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Vexen Crabtree 2015

A mistake! and today's sandwiches.

So, I was playing with our mail server, creating a mailbox to receive emails under the NT account called Vexen, so that my program can automatically test our mail server every half hour. (It goes down without us knowing!).

One thing I was being *very* careful to do was to not accidentally, however unlikely, delete my mail account. It has all the archives of our client's mails in it.


So presently we're loading the backup of my mailbox taken on July-20 (this month's backup failed). I just don't know how I done it... *whooops*.

Haven't lost too much. Just 4/5 mails from our Sales manager with updates for existing sites.

But my day cheered up when I read this.

Today so far

2 Chicken salad sandwiches
2 Tuna Sweetcorn sandwiches
500ml pure orange juice
500g of chocolate bourbons
2 pints water
A>Z vitamin pill

I can't get these into Haiku Format like Scruff, I'm afraid!
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Mine aren't actually haiku, they're just what's written on the packaging, cunning formatted into three lines... Ytaya happened to comment that they looked like how haiku are written, so I've referred to them as 'Haiku of the Day' ever since... :o)

(note: syllabic pattern must be 5, 7, 5 to be a haiku)

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