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Religious Spam

I come back after 3 days away and have a higher amount of religious spam than normal.

I yearn for the day when I get my first piece of non-Christian religious spam!. I'd love to get a piece of Hindu ranting, or a mail from a Muslim ignorant enough to shove his ideas down my throat... I have no idea what it is with Christians in particular that lends itself to the mind-numbing and repetive behavior that must be involved in sending out as many emails as they do! It must be like a mantra for them... repeat it enough times until they're sure it's true!

Someone once pointed out that it might be because most of the West is Christian... but this doesn't cut it! If say (at most) 40% of the British population are Christian[1], then should logically mean that 60% of the religious spam are from non-Christians! But 100% of it is from Christians!

I get some atheists and other nicer religions (inc. pantheism, paganism, wicca, gaia religions, buddhists) actually making inquiries and asking me (mostly) why I'm a Satanist... and even some atheists. But I've yet to get an email from a non-Christian telling me that they're right and I'm wrong! There's something about this particular type of monotheism that seems to lend itself to bigotted and one-way communication.

Just wondered if (for the sake of fairness) could forward me examples of spam from non-Chrsitians! I'm just wandering if it's just as irritating or not.

[1] 40% of British population believe in a god of some description, so the value is less than 40% who are Christian.
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