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LGBT Rights Across the World: Which are the Best and Worst Countries?

A new page on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender issues; a country-by-country look at tolerance and intolerance. "LGBT Rights Across the World: Which are the Best and Worst Countries?". Discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) folk is rife across the world. LGBT folk face legal restrictions as well as social stigmatisation and violence. LGBT tolerance and equal rights have been fought for country-by-country across the world, often against tightly entrenched cultural and religious opposition. Homosexual activity is outlawed in around 80 countries. The International LGBT Equality Index was created to compare countries and regions, granting points to each country for a variety of factors including how long gay sex has been criminalized and the extent of equal LGBT rights. The signs in many developed countries are positive, and things are gradually improving. The Economist (2012) stated "the British Social Attitudes Survey shows that views of homosexuality started out tough and hardened in the mid-1980s [and] since then they have softened". Europe is by far the developed morally, with Scandinavia in particular being exemplary. The Middle East is by far the worst place to be anything other than straight.</p>

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Tags: homosexuality, human rights, intolerance, law, lesbianism, lgbt, religion, sexuality, tolerance
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