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The Unreliability of our Memories

A new page! Cognitive neurology and scientific studies have found many ways in which our recollection of the past are skewed and invented by the brain: "Our Memories are Unreliable". Introduction:

Our memories change over time and frequently they are simply wrong. But most of us tend to think of memories as accurate accounts. Extensive studies have shown that our memories of events are active interpretations of the past rather than picture-perfect records of it. The best way to avoid errors is to write things down as early as possible. Our recall of the past is affected by our present expectations and by our current knowledge and state of mind. We tend to suppress and alter memories that damage our self-esteem. Psychologists such as Elizabeth Loftus have shown through repeated experiments that simply by asking people questions about what they think they saw or heard previously, you make their subconscious whir into a creative drive in order to answer the question, even if it means making up details, and allowing assumptions and feelings to silently trick our minds into inventing elements of memories. Memories that are full of details give us a great sense of confidence, but, such memories are just as likely to contain accidental fabrications, many errors, and a great number of "filled-in" details which we simply subconsciously invented.
Tags: elizabeth loftus, hypnosis, memories, psychology, subjectivism, vexen, vexen crabtree
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