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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Take Out The Eyes Of The One Summoned By Crows

Dream Nineteen on my online Dreams site: Read online version

I have great dreams!!! This dream occured on: 2002 June 22 (Saturday)

I was homeless, and looking for a place to sleep. The city was black, desolate, gothic, with ruins and buildings side by side. Some fires burned in trash cans in the distance.

There are some pools of water, dirty black water like oil in the dark night and I lay down by them to sleep. I am scared and concerned that if I sleep with my sleeping bag zipped all the way up if a tramp comes and attacks me I will be helpless until I can get my arms out. My dreams frequently contain scary tramps who stalk me.

Some crows are by one of the pools. The pools are small, not possible to down in them. But one of the pools is very deep and if someone forced your head into it then you could drown. The crows are hopping around pecking at things in the water. 3 of them seem to be pecking at the same thing. The crows are dark brown and dirty.

Something disturbing moves in the water. One of the crows jumps on it and pecks it up, then does a short fly/jump to the next pool along. It drops what it had. I have zipped my bag all the way up (it's cold) and stretch my neck to see what the bird has caught.

The first thing I notice is that there is another dead bird in the second very shallow pool of water. Then I look to see what the live bird had caught... but the live bird has just died and is floating on the top of the water, it's feathers moving slightly in the breeze. The pool is deadly poisoned.

I fall to sleep there anyway.

I am suddenly awoken by a tramp attacking me. I get an arm out of my sleeping bag. Normally, in dreams, when I poke at someone's eye I press a finger underneath their eye and keep pressing further and further, hurting them but not actually stabbing their eye with any brutal force.

This time was different. Using my thumb I forced it without guilt, shame or inhibition into one of his eyes, feeling it's resistance but presenting more than enough force to send my thumb to the back of his socket. I'm proud of a job well done as the tramp falls onto his back in pain.

I get out of my sleeping bag and look at the guy. He's a mess. I imagine saying to him "Your eye is a real mess". Then I take his head by the hair and force his head into the deepest black pool of water, knowing I'm willing to hold it there until he's dead. End of dream!

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Fear puts Vexen into DRAMATIC mode...

*V sends terrible dreams under the world into your head*

The underhand magic that permeates the world overriden with the antics of Sqiurrels is a perfect dark medium for a Wiggy such as I to send dreams, nightmares and dark fetish pleasure into a persons nighttime mind whilst they are falling asleep into their karmic subconscious

The romantic Jinn of death and decay can present to our minds the guilt and shame associated with success in our cities, where tramps fight for their lives trying to summon the demonic strength or wealth that we ourselves posess

Re: Fear puts Vexen into DRAMATIC mode...

Tee hee... I like writing incoherent diatribes!

In short... the text above was about that I think the scary tramps in my dreams represent guilt. I always feel guilty when I don't give to the homeless, and I fear what it must be like to be homeless. So the text above could be translated (minus the demon theology) as:

We are successful, therefore we can easily feel guilty when faced with homeless.

Re: Fear puts Vexen into DRAMATIC mode...

So I don't get any dark fetish pleasure, then :(

Re: Fear puts Vexen into DRAMATIC mode...

Yes, you are a successful person!

I find you self-humble, doubting and sometimes lost but these are the signs of a person who isn't ignorant or stupid. And you have material posessions, a place to live and friends both online and off -- the complex interaction between people and between nature does mean that with your occasional and reasonable self criticism you too can get Dark Fetish Pleasure course through your mind, from the Black Flame that Tani Jantsang calls THE INNER!


I have to apologize by the way, I'm in a severe obscure mode today! It happens sometimes!

Scary dreams for scary boys. Vexen is scary!! And very cute too.

*giggles* !!

Not as cute as you, you're a bit of a magical dream yourself!

the word 'nutta' barely begins to describe how disturbing that was!

it was like one of _my_ dreams for god's sake!


Of course I'm a nutter, I'm a Squirrel. I do nuts all day.


Then you should write up your dreams... how about creating a Live Journal account where you post all your dreams?

What elegant, portentous and macabre dreams you have, my dear. I might wish to be similar for kudos value but I think, on the whole, that I'm quite happy with my relatively quotidian dreams. You know - computers, everyday acquaintances and compliant malamutes.

The elegant monsters and implied impending doom of my nightmarish nighttime wanderings have long since ceased to scare or cause malaise. The emptying of fear executed by humility in the face of nature's darkness leads to a fetish with my dark dreams and nighttime wanderings

Portentous or ominous sightings of the monsters without compell us towards a seeking of enlightenment or a curious embrace of the levelled and deepest oceans our secret and suppressed desires surface in a coiled fashion. Pushing reality whilst we sleep.

The macabre and insanity of life before death follows in our dreams and our footsteps erasing all we have ever done and anything we will ever doom ourselves within. The burning shadows that illuminate our demise across the world are ignored by those of the light as we fail to humble ourselves against the unstoppable black waters that carry nature onwards.

When we stand in the blackwashed path of development and science with our soles worn out, sold to the walking path of sorrow because we fail to see our futures are the same as our pasts. The chaos ensures within and our confused demons are powerless when we deny ourselves the horror and dread associated with the self fullfilling prophecies of death driven by the Will To Cure ourselves of this very fear, the cycle of desperation drives culture and religion until false power manifests itself across the voids of our worlds and the faint dark light of the truth of death is barely seen beneath the fear that controls us

The Litanies Of The Dog Confound!

I do feel after 2 months of being quite unhappy (and suddenly single) I've have all of a sudden gotten my productivity back! Hence the Incohorency, for which I kind of apologize unless you can just take it as art or ask me for deeper meanings!

...are a right bugger.

Mine are fairily innoffensive little sods, just wandering around, making me relive the same day with *odd stuff* happening.

A friend of mine has *real* bad dreams. Proper nightmares that affect him when he wakes up - he keeps a diary, and uses them by writing deeply disturbing stories.

It's a kind of talent, I guess...

Wow I'm a bit envious of your friend! I haven't found an external use for my dreams yet!

Except making LJ posts and putting them online.

And... hi!

Thanks for the welcome, Vexen ;)

Well, try it. See if there's anything worthwhile being used as a story, or a plot. You could make a bit of money out of yer subconcious.

Aren't I so mercenary!

Hmmm, but I can't write. Believe me, I've tried!

Maybe one day I'll have amassed enough text on the Internet to choose all the good bits and make a book, but not yet!

Today I stumbled across a tramp in the London Underground by some stairs. One of his eyes was missing, there were layers of skin and it looked like it was an old wound, and didn't look like it had been attended to medically.

Reminded me of the tramp from this dream; except he was older and weaker.

Crow dream

What a dark and twisted mind you have. Have you tried to translate it into a visual artform or into your poetry (not saying i didnt like your poetry btw)? THat's what i do with my obscure dreams, i turn the ones that wouldnt scare me to write them down into poems, which you can see on my site btw: www.bluechickeninaflowerpot.com
cool site btw.


if you are into dragons then it'd be good to email me and inspire me if u have time. replace the www. on my site with a name and @

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