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The Foundations of Islam in Paganism

A new page! "The Foundations of Islam in Paganism"

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The central monument of Islam is the Ka'ba cube; all Muslims know (and it is in the Quran) that this was originally a pagan center of worship. In exactly the same way as the Vaitcan was founded on a pagan (Mithraist) temple, so was the Ka'ba. Other pagan practices such as walking around 7 times during the Hajj result from the pagan division of the moon's movements into 7 parts. The symbol of the moon still adorns Islamic buildings, artifacts and flags, and, the calendar is lunar, based on the Hilal (the appearance of the cresent moon). Also, Muhammad's concept of God (Allah) was already known and worshipped by the various tribes as Allih, one of the many pagan and polytheistic gods of the region. Islam wasn't a new revelation, but a continuation of existing pagan religion mores - the main difference is that Allah didn't tolerate competing gods, and managed to successfully wipe out their followers. Now, Muslims claim that theirs is the true religion which is similar to paganism because pagans knew the true religion, and corrupted it. It is very likely that in reality, it is simply a case that the victors are getting to write the religious history books.
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