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Activity since the 13th of October

In December (so far):

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In October:

  • New page: Pantheism
  • New page: Religion and the Fear of Death
  • Added a graph to UK Religion section 11: UK Church Membership. During the period depicted the UK's population rose from 56 to 63 million. Total church membership dropped from 18% to 12% of the population
  • Added some stats to Religion in Europe intro. Despite the low rate of belief in God, many Europeans still claim to belong to theistic religions. ... at least 30% of Europeans are putting down a religion despite not believing in the very basic first principal of that religion. In France only 52% of Catholics believe in God
  • New page: The British National Party (horrible racists)
  • Added a section on Judaism to my page on Apostasy and Thought Crime. Deuteronomy 13:6-11 says to murder any of your relatives who try to convince you to leave Judaism. Luckily in modern times Judaism takes no such action, and the most common moral code, the Schulchan Aruch, recommends only social ostracization
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