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Love and affection

Love is the most worthwhile thing in the world. Our bodies and minds all make much more sense when we posess the Indescribable Warmth. We have evolved completely and fully with a large capacity for love and a need for it, it ties it to our entire support mechanism a child. It ties people together so that they care for each other and worry over each other, love makes community work.

We're programmed to need and search for love and long relationships and nothing makes us feel more complete in life than knowing unconditional love uninhibited by mistakes, errors, misjudgements, events, circumstances, failure, religion or beliefs.

Love is also a great source of suffering and hurt. It's simply the most powerful fulcrum around which our emotions turn. Even when the best intentions and absolute perfect grace and love are present sometimes Chance is a force of pure evil.

So one day I will look for love again and offer someone my unconditional acceptance and grace. But I don't see when that day will be... I just know it'll come even if presently it is impossible to consider even looking for it.

For now... love's little sibling, affection, is something I yearn for. And hopefully with someone whose skin is softer than mine, someone who I can look after and charm, teach and care for.
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