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Vexen Crabtree 2015


when she left at the aiport monthes ago I would now give anything to have known that circumstances made that the last time I would see her

  • 1're not *actually* dead, right? :/

i'm concerned. are you ok? email me. *hug*

I'm fine, was just being dramatic! Damn goths.

Whoops I didn't mean to make people concerned... no-one's dead, just 6000 miles away.

Do you mean that you feel dead because she's not here or that you feel dead because things have gone horribly wrong in the relationship and it would be easier to bear if your last memories of her were not of acrimonious severance but of Gone-with-the-Wind-style romantic tears?

Look Ma, no commas!

That was an impressive non use of commas!

Emotionally dead because emotions and thinking about relationships hurts sometimes!

Nothing went wrong in the relationship, it's still the most perfect thing ever, but we did decide to seperate for some reasons. It would be easier to bear if we'd said goodbye or foresaw some of the problems we'd have.

*quits thinking already*

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