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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Moving + Electric Ballroom

I moved all my stuff to a house in London on Satuday, to SE12 (Zone3), except for some essentials that I've left in St Albans until I've finished my last 5 days at work!

Weeeee! Also went to Full tilt on Friday night:

The night before I went to Full Tilt and met some of the prime movers of a vampire group that I've socializing with a bit... and Full Tilt was fun! It never used to be! I felt old... everyone was 16 or something! But I danced... it was your techno/ebm industrial 60% of the time, and rock and nu metal the rest (didn't dance to that...). And then got to Trafalgar Square and figured out the night buses to get home, slept for a few hours then returned to St Albans to move boxes and help Orin pack and load.

We rented a lorry, filled 80% of it with Orinoco's junk (OMG he has a lot of stuff!)... Orinoco unfortunately has damaged a rib and can't lift anything! Neither could the driver (a friend) as he was unfit to the point of dysfunction.

We arrived at my place in the borough of Lewisham (SE) at 11pm, I unloaded my stuff, we then drove to Orin's new place in West London. And spent about 2 hours unloading his stuff until 2am... we filled the bottom floor of his new house (including the hallway!) with his stuff. We did have some help from the students who live there too.

The Suffering!
And now every muscle aches, I have some bruises here and there, my shoulders are sore and my fingers are a bit tattered... in addition I've got a sore throat and a mildly upset stomach! I've finally discovered that my body and demonic blood does have at least some kind of limitation to how much it can do!

But I feel fucking fit!

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ooh you're moving to south london... my b/f lives there so i'm there quite often - we have to meet up sometime and go for a drink or something :)

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