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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Humble, Self-Critical

People can only self-develop and mature if they are humble and self-critical. [1].

Not humble=On a road to isolation and stagnation
Not self critical=Will be unaware of own weakspots and shortcomings and therefore will fail and mature slowly

I think!

[1] As long as that doesn't equate to self-limiting or apathetic of course!

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*plugs The Outsider by Colin Wilson as he thinks you'd find it interesting*

Actually, I'll bring my copy along next time I see ya, you can have a look :)

Sounds like the type of thing I'd read :-)

I agree, but if one becomes too humble, or worse, too self-critical, it can be hard to make any progress. Maybe some confidence is needed to balance.

Yes! Confidence is also necessary...although if you read much of Vex's website you'll see he's not short on that bit.


Sometimes prolific or self promotion is actually a symptom of insecurity though.

I think in my case though I just have a "write first, think later" attitude to web sites!

Yes... I think this is what I meant when I mentioned self-limiting... you need confidence and a positive attitude in the face of self-criticism; the confidence to deal with self-criticism!

But if (like me!!) you end up with nearly too much ego/positive/Go Go! attitude, you then also need to double check you have enough humbleness or self-humour that it shows through for other people to see!

Depending upon other aspects of your personality, if you are too self-critical it can be hard to get anything done... (/voice of experience)

I agree. You somehow need to be self criticial and go ahead and do it anyway. Everyone has shortcomings and no-one in flawless in anything they do; but despite the imperfections in their actions people still need to go ahead and act!

So everyone should be a bit more like yourself then, you mean?

The reason I posted that was because I'd had a run in with some really stupid acting mundanes, pseudo-aggressive and very immature. They were about 20 years old... but I came away thinking how amazingly more mature and "better" I was than them.

But then I hate thinking like that so I absconded myself and posted my LJ entry!

I didn't mean it in a snide way; I genuinely meant, do you think people should be more like yourself, or do you think there's an unfair bias involved in your interpretation of how people should be?

I think humility and self criticism are very important attributes of a person's good mental health and are increasingly important as a person's ego matures.

A shortfall of Satanism (which is a pro-Ego religion) is that it can cultivate an ego-heavy mentality, so I like to compensate by promoting the virtues of humility. Anton LaVey (founder of modern Satanism) employed self-humouring tactics as a related tactic to avoide coming over as too pretentious.

I don't know if this means I want people to be more like myself though -- I'm an idealist, I want more people to be like how I also want to be!

One thing i can't stand is L33tisum, sorry, i can't stand wannabes, trying to be somthing their not to give themselfs this faluse dilusion of wannabe hackers or wannabe goths just so they cna convince themselfs that they can fit into some sort of crowd that dosn't exist, the whole reason behind goth is that it was an hybrid of punk and new romantasisum, standing out form the norm in more ways than one.

There is now crowd, there is no eletie, there is nothingng but being carefull and trying to help your fellow man.

Remember, it's nice to be important,
But it's important to be nice.

Re: A good few points...

I agree with everything you just said!

Re: A good few points...

ta :)

Re: A good few points...

But a few years later... I no longer agree... "Elitism" is a state of ACTUALLY being better than others, not merely a "wannabe". I think being a "wannabe" is something that contradicts being an elitist.

Although, of course, you get wanna-be elitists... but by their nature, they're *not* elitists, otherwise they wouldn't be wanna-bes!

So yeah. I've been time travelling today, as you can see.

i'm an arshole therefor i'm great, logicly;~}


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