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The Biblical Book of Yeshayahu / Isaiah / Isaias

"Yeshayahu / Isaiah / Isaias" by Vexen Crabtree (2019).

Biblical scholars have known for over a hundred years that the Book of Isaiah was composed by at least three different authors, whose works were combined at some point into a single piece2.

The three portions of Isaiah:

Chapters 1-39 is the oldest part2, possibly written by Isaiah himself in the 8th century BCE1 and contain spiritual prophecies tinged with political commentary1 and this includes the predictions that Babylon and Assyria would fall (which eventually, they did, as did all other ancient kingdoms). It predicts that a kingdom of peace would supersede them. After chapter 39, Isaiah's name is no longer used and the rest is written anonymously.

Chapters 40-55 were written by a second anonymous author, 150 years after the preceding chapters, after the captivity of some of the Hebrews in Babylon, and it dreams of them escaping back to Judea and establishing a heavenly paradise, Zion.2. It talks in the past tense - not in terms of prophecy - about Jerusalem already being destroyed (as it was), and the Hebrews already in exile (as some were). It uses a range of words and phrases not used in chapters 1-39.

Chapters 56-66 were written by a third author2 in the 5th century BCE1, and contain spiritual prophecies which have been applied to a great many historical events over the centuries.

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