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The Rock Club (2002 Aug 15 Thurs)

Housemate Jamie took pennypenny and I to The Rock Club, and it was a great night! It closed at 3am though. It was the clubs 75th anniversary and there was free Grolsch, which I promptly gave to Jamie and his friends. Beer is disguisting!

Lots and lots of 80s metal, a 30 min set of 90s metal that I mostly danced to. There was no mosh pit, thank god! They played Metallica's 'Fade To Black', Pantera's 'Walk' and other classics! Lots of high pitch metal, guns 'n' roses and other such... trite.

The crowd were great, happy, flirty, friendly and the DJs rocked. One of them picked up on something Penny said and said words we understand like "industrial" and said he didn't have any on this night.

Rock chics dance like slow goth dancing only with less variation... like the only dance they do is the hands-on-own-body dance. The guys all dance with air guitar and foot tapping and head shaking. I had to recalibrate my feet (from techno-style feet to foot-tapping feet) but I done well and got pounced by a rock chic :-) ... who I wasn't interested in but enjoyed some basic affection anyway.

Was a great night, fun, but a shame it finished so early! Jamie is excited about going to Slimelight (pennypenny and I are taking him), he's a hedonist and a life-embracer, happy and perky and adaptible. He'll love it!
Tags: clubbing, housemates, metal, rock chics, slimelight, the rock club
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