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My Debates site

It's turning out that there's many more things than I originally planned! It's turning into a competitor for Live Journal, almost!

I've finished code for allowing people to reply to threads, reply to replies, list replies. And management options for a Group Administrator to set who can view replies (Admin only, Members of the group, or Anyone) and who can post replies.

Also... options if the Group is public (listed on front page), password for group (so it can have public front page but only members or guests who know the password can enter).

So now I have to do management for what appears on a Group's public page... text, title, "join" buttons.

Then management pages for a Member of a group... "leave this group", posts summaries, email options, favorite posts, deleted posts. Also management for what a member wants to appear on his own User Info page. Whether he wants his Post-List to be public, which details to be public. Lots and lots of easy options like these in total equal quite a lot of coding.

I've done the Posting mechanism for most objects that can be posted as top-level posts including Message, URL Review, CD Review, Essay, Book review. Need to write code to allow posting of Images and Videos.

Have to do code to automatically guess-link books, cds and videos to and

In short... it's not going to be finished before the end of work today! Which was my aim! So I'll have to finish it in two weeks after I come back from Seattle visiting Empiress.
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