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Vexen Crabtree 2015


... has drawn a day closer over the past day.

No second gone comes ever again take heed and see ye do nothing in vain.

I'm going to go dance now, and turn myself into a mindless demon in the name of self reflection, strength and fitness.

I just hope there are many days left and that every day is worth it, because in 80 years every we've wasted is going to be a tragedy as our bodies and minds fail.

Science And Technology Are Necessary to prolong our lives, so how did I get distracted into doing Computers when I set out (at College) to do Bio Technology? Ah, money! Oh... and talent. Needed the former, and don't have the latter.

Hail Satan, see you in a few hours.

*Setting off for Slimelight, a portal that takes us to the place between worlds where the Jinn await us*

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Don't have talent...pffffff :p

I was going to go to Slimelight tonight but I couldn't get in touch with you - called Penny but she was with her Mum in Leicester Square :o)

So I went to an OK party thing in Sidcup with some friends of Tai's. Which wasn't really worth dressing up for, annoyingly.

Shame about Slimelight! It's one of the few times in the last few years that I've actually been up for going! Maybe next time.

Speak to you soon *huggggggle*

I got your message after I left Slimes!

You're welcome to join me at Slimes any time, I'm planning on going next weekend possibly with Penny and our housemate Jamie (who is excitingly cool).

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