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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Righteous Satan

"Righteous Satan Theologies: When Satan is seen as Good" by Vexen Crabtree

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selling of soal

I find your wrighting so verry interesting i feel you might have a point

hey kidz

reply to seeking eternal life ( well , somewhat ), as we all know earth is grounds for death , and abomination is created by humans who plague the lesser humankind ( being the lesser human the abomination ) and some rocks from our kupier belt will probably one day knock our little ball of dirt out of space / or the sun will go supernova why not l1 . you take all of the safe dna/egg/semen samples of various creatures , plants , life etc. and gather them in vials seperately coded each w/ a number.
2 . program a computer w/ the most up to date knowledge of cloning technology, though it is a bit faulty , not every thing is perfect, but the fact that lambs where one of the first things to be cloned which makes me wonder about this whole lamb of god thing , I mean I’ve spiritually sacrificed my self to the most highest so maybe this is why I’ve aquired this cross like marking in my left hand and these 7 uprising ( similar to water blisters) in my right palm ,anyways , 3 . you take this computer thing and make it in to the size of about your basic space probe , you also try to take a sample of all of the living things electrons within their brains to act as a synaptic dat. File so to speak and match it up w/ the coding for each creature., since the temp in space is very cold those little samples of dna ( blood/eggs/semen ) will be stuck in a sort of frozen stasis , so they should be safe…
4 . you program this computer thing to find another planet similar to ours in another solar system ( I mean after all you can’t remain attached to this ball of dirt we call earth forever , or so it says that in the bible somewhere ! ) astrologists now belive they have found a galaxy with this similar structure , and ship it off to its destination , a compact noahs ark so to speak ….
OR : you just sit and wait and see if that asteroid belt surrounding the inner planets takes care of that nasty big red thing
(.planet X ).
Please read w/ undefiled wisdom and do let this fall in to the right hands , for I am merely a poor individual w / no resources to create this devine iron scepter . a messanger
isten to the two horned tauradevil and live ...


If the bible and it's teachings are wrong, then the whole theory of right and wrong are incorect. I cannot accept this. Nowhere in this articacle does it say what should be done, so consequently it has no value.

The Jews, before the Bible was written, had theories of right and wrong, and so did every other ancient culture. It is not true that just because the bible isn't true, that theories of right and wrong are incorrect.

The article is not about "what should be done", it was about the various forms of Righteous Satan theologies. There are many texts that have no indication of "what should be done", for example, the Department of National Statistics released the information from the 2001 Census Poll. This has immense value and is invaluable information, however, according to you it "has no value" because it doesn't address "what should be done"? You're not making sense!


satan (shaytan)title is composed of 2 names set(sht)hebrew for transgression and tan(thn)is hebrew for the beast,or jackal.the name came to mean adversary because the hebrews called all there enemies satans,because they believed that they were the chosen people and all who were enemies against them transgresed.so it became a title for adversary.the title can be changed also .if u call satan the dragon the title would be satheli,or satanin for leviathan ,tanin means whale. los


Hi vixen
Liked your article on "Satan is the vitor" and "God is evil".
I would like to hear any views you have or any information you have.
Please email me at misdemeanour666@hotmail.com.

The Truth

The White Light Is The Path That People Should Take And Not The Evil Left Path For Anyone That Takes The Left Hand Path Will Surely Perish. My God Is Pure, Will Look After You And Take Care Of You But You Must Place Your Trust In Him. Satan Will Try To Trick You And Mislead You, Fool You With Half Lies And Half Truth So You Don't Know Where You Are At Or What You Are Thinking, The Right Hand Path Is The One To Take.

Re: The Truth

i am helping Vexen to say this : " Fuck off. loser"

Re: The Truth (Anonymous) Expand
Re: The Truth (Anonymous) Expand

my veiws

im a hippie athiest and belive in setting aside differences and creating a peaceful world, i agree with alot of religions teachings and also dissagree with alot of them , i have to say i agree with alot of the satanic teachings i read here, but i still question it,(would that make me a self doubting satanist from a satanist point of veiw?)i dont understand how evil is good, wouldnt you just say good instead of evil? i question all belives and religons, and also try to find the postitve in them, in my opinion, the holy bible was basically a drug induced journal, seeing visions and shit, i think they ate or inhaled (incense), psychodelic plants and mushrooms and stuff, becouse i think ppl did see crazy stuff back then, but it was drug induced, why arent christians seeing "God" anymore?, they stopped taking drugs, i really dont have a point here, just expressing random thoughts, i think marijuana is the best way to seek truth and enlightenment -legalize it!- **peace**


Hi there.....im inquisitive and i want to know more about satanism....

being a complete disbeliever in all faiths and religions (this being brought about by being brought up a catholic for the first 16 years of my life), i set about studying as many different beliefs as i possibly could everything from asceticism to zoroastrianism and what i have found is the two opposing principals i.e good & bad, light & dark, positive & negative, yin & yang and so on and so on. The one thing that intrigues me about satanisim is the relationship between god & satan. In the hebrew texts satan or sat-an was actually gods representative on earth, infact sat-an in hebrew means Accuser and it turns out that sat-an was gods prosecutor......the reason why i write this is because i would like to know your opinion on this issue, i.e that is you stand against christianity but you are intrinsically linked....opposite sides of the same coin, the yin and the yang !


not fair

i am not a devil worshiper but i am a goth i dont think it is fair that i automatically get classed by the way i dress. not that there is anything with them i just dont tink it is fair. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jocey xxx

Re: not fair

ya i agree with u jus cause we gothic dun meman mme satanists eh.
I mean im wicccan so like WTF man.

(Deleted comment)

I want to know

I have a question about your theories.....you state that satan is the strongest principle. Then how come satan who was once know as lucifer (an angel of light, and the most beautiful creator to have been made at that point) was kicked out of heaven instead of taking heaven over. and how life and creation was made by the almight God instead of Satan. and how it is that there is still only one ruler over everything and that be GOD...whom all hell and earth and heaven tremble at the sound of his very name. But when the name of satan is said we merely scoff at that. how is it that christianity is the fastest growing religion out there. Please if you have answere to all this they tell me. Because i have a little sort for you too. Yes, the bible is truth and it was written by God....what has satan written.

It says in the bible that Jesus went into the wilderness and fasted 40 days and 40 nights....during that time he was tempted by satan himself. Three times in fact. but he was detured from the path he knew was right. On the last time, Jesus said to said >"GET THEE HENCE, SATAN, THOU SHALT NOT TEMPTED THE LORD THY GOD." with only that, satan left... a sign of cowardness.

You said that he is a saviour. how is he a saviour when so many people are still suffereing today. If he is such a saviour, then why doesn't he help them. Save them from their suffering and make everyhing just peachy.

Can you answer these. If you want to write back here or maybe you would like to keep this a private war....I have a live journal at xanga....my screen name is healthy_queer2006. I would like an answer most promptly.

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Re: I want to know (Anonymous) Expand
Re: I want to know (Anonymous) Expand
I will see you. (Anonymous) Expand


in my religiona form of spiritual satanism it is of light and darkness lucifer is the bringer of light however the anciant egyption god set is his son and he is the god of darkness but he also has some light

light and darkness isnt alwaysgood and evil its complicated and i dont even understand wat the real meaning of light and darkness is


I have no idea how i came across this web page I was just lead here. Heres what I believe. I believe there are two cosmic forces which could be percieved as a type of energy. One energy being positive and one negative. As with all energy it can be neither created nor destroyed only converted from one form to another. Having being granted life and being a concious entity we have the choice in the way in which we spend the energy that is given to us. We can either create peace and positive energy or create misery and negativity. So just consider when you argue your points are your words promoting positivity or negativity? At the end of the day no force is stronger because it can be converted into the other. I just know i'd rather be in a world where positive energy is predominant but the equilibrium will always shift.

Dont think, just feel

I do not want to start off with any words that might trigger your belief system and cause you to think about whether satan or god is good or evil.

I will like to invite you to take a back seat and observe.

The world we lived in now are filled up with both love and hatred. For a group of people, they think that they world is in chaos, with sufferings, bombings, unnecessary dyings etc. Relationships, family, social problems, job problems, health problems, financial problems, all adding up with fear, hurt, anger, injustice, betrayal, etc

For another group of people, they think that the world has so much room for improvement. Whereby altruisitic thoughts and emotions come forth to continue to strive to make this world a possible better place to live in.

The 3rd group of people, are totally backing off to all these concerns. As they have decided caring on survival will be more important than anything else. Establishing security and ideals, and wash their hands off political, religious, spiritual concerns. Only focusing on economical rather,

The 4th group of people, will be the ones who are keen to seek and question everything that turns up on their path. Which is good or evil, better or worse, higher or lower.

And i believe that there are more groups out there with their own beliefs and principles they lived by in life.

Now, things have been liked this since thousands of years ago. People in different tribes, places. All belonging to different groups.

And after all these conversations we have here. What will we realise? Either you will like to take external information from the internet, from the bible, from the history books, from your friends, or teachers. All these external information you have being fed by news and media, has been passed on into your subconscious mind overtime.

If you will like to seek for the insight of God and Satan, about the world, about people, about life.. I suggest to you to seek internally rather than externally.

Sit down and meditate.. sincerely...and over time you will realise it..
It doesnt matter what you call it..meditation, quiet time, praying, chanting,whichever.

Just sit down and close your eyes, and relax your physical body. And pay attention to how clutter your mind is. Or maybe you will realise that you dont need all these external information anymore. Dont need all these external confusion, opinions, advices, evidences, philosophies, dramas, religions. Let your mind take a break. You can choose to go back and attain all these information when you are ready again. Just go and take a break and think about nothing.

Every human being is capable of this, no external distractions, just spending time with yourself and listen to yourself. After your mind is settled down. The stillness and peace is being filled up in your mind.

Then, this is the right time for you to start asking and seeking after you have attained the peace. And you will be surprised how much answers and insight will come to you through your own realisation. Epiphany.

I have read your web site and as someone who takes an interest in the beliefs of mankind the information contain on your site is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever read. It never ceases to amaze me how easy it to fool people. God is good and satan (small s) is evil and he has hoodwinked you which of course he is good at.

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