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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Hot Topic

I listen to Radio Free Satan, an Internet radio station largely affiliated with the Church of Satan (see my site on Satanism!).

I just listened to an excellent show on religious tolerance. Their first example included phone calls to Hot Topic, who have recently changed their policy on religious clothing (Staff were not allowed to wear religious imagery of any kind because) which the DJ was saying is fine; because it is not discriminatory against anyone. Atheists could not wear "God is dead" or "There is no god" T-Shirts, Pagans could not wear pentacles, etc. Commercially this makes sense, as religion is one of those issues that people take personally.

But they changed their policy, in particular, so that their staff could wear religious items except Satanic imagery. So the DJ played us his phone conversations as he attempted to talk to the CEO. It was amusing!

To listen click on: Radio Free Satan.

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I have heard of the show before, but they used to host a sit on Demonolatry called Tezzrain's Vault, or something similar...what happened to it? I was searching for a sigil, and I can no longer find it :(

I am glad to see you are well,
Cradled in Summer's Stifling Arms,


They change their DJs and shows from time to time, I don't really keep track enough to know of a Demonolatry show!

Summer wasn't that bad... it certainly wasn't very long!

I'm glad to see you're back, too :-)

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