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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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Good night!

Am going to Highgate Cemetary tomorrow for a picnic.

At present my plans for Sat. night are for Penny and I to take our housemate Jamie to Torture Garden. But it is the nature of plans that they are based on cause and effect (else plans wouldn't work) and cause and effect can change plans.

Slimelight, you see, is going to be emptier because of InFest. More room to dance. Less hot. Very tempting... so if Torture Garden falls through then I'll be at Slimes.

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I'll write a report on Torture Garden, it was cool.

Got back and got to sleep about 9am.

Am now getting ready to go to a video night at a friends' house with a load of the London Vampire Group.

Busy busy busy!!! ...

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