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Torture Garden 2002 August 24 (Sat)

Instead of Slimelight we (myself and housemates) went to Torture Garden. The venue for Torture Garden is The Colloseum near Vauxhall underground station and it was very easy to find. None of us had been before.

OK: The music was excellent. It was my favorite kind of trance/techno/hard house and I danced a lot. I didn't do meditation-dance because the pure-techno music wasn't quite as inspiring as Slimelight, and the venue wasn't as dark, but dancing to such a consistent and well mixed set was a pleasure and very fun and I whirled around the dance floor very perkily! [1]. It was easily the highlight of the night.

The people were friendly and willing to talk. No-one has much to hide (except, perhaps, their real identities) in a fetish club, so people were free to keep their cards in the open. Partially this safe-feeling is due to the very strict dress/style code: They simply do not let normal looking people in.

The crowd was pure fetish, I hadn't forsaw the depth of the 'kink' factor... and to be honest, I didn't really like it! I have no problem with it, of course, but I was concerned that sexually/kink-wise I wasn't compatible with anyone there as I'm "normal" and I haven't discovered any kinks that appeal to me.

Unfortunately the venue was quite small, with only one dance floor (albeit a quite big and not-too-crowded one) but there was adequate seating around the place. It is, compared to Slimelight, insanely expensive, costing £18 for entrance alone (Slimelight is £5 for members).

I could happily ignore the playing, sex, shows and bare bottoms as long as I concentrated on dancing and selective people-watching!

An attractive black girl took my number; she is working with a new fetish club that is opening in a few monthes and asked me to come dance there!

[1] It was especially fun to dance with Jamie, orinotta and pennypenny as they're fun and happy people! Little stars.
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