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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


"The Surface Appearance of Subcultures: People Who Dress Funny" by Vexen Crabtree (2000)

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Im french and i found your webside trough google,i read it,its very intresting your approache on the subculture is more than comprehensible.
How do you think than youth cultures represents a symbolic form of resistance?
If you think that it really a form of resistance.
The difference exit only for the ignorant,but its only my point of view.

Thank you for your consideration.

I think elements of resistance and rebellion is inherent in the very words "youth culture".

But talking of subcultures, note that there are punks who have punk parents, and goths who have hippy parents, etc, and that not there are many attractions and asthetics in all subcultures that attract people for many reasons that have nothing to do with rebellion.


Your site has given me many great view points, maybe u would like to mail me with updates to it


Hello there! My name's Zul and I'm an 18 year old Singaporean Javanese dude. Anyway, I came across this great website of yours through some seach engine. Truly an eye opener, I must say! Keep it up, man!
"In this world, we're constantly judged by others. Ignore comments by bigots and you'll lead a beautiful life" - Me

Thank you for your beautiful essays. :) They're very unbiased and very cool!!

==Teeka, a fox furry

I've been in so many fights over the way i look it's sick,it's just some people are sad and to afraid to be different,in case they are shunned.
but i think we are both guilty of being judgemental,alt's and norm's it's just a shame there's no common ground for some people.


You are very mature in your viewpoints and amazingly eloquent in your words. Kudos to you, monsieur, one day these qualities will be recognized by someone influential and lead you success. Au revoir!


Truely amazing, your un-biased essay's have impressed me, by far... I tip my hat to you. Yeah, I just so happened to be guilty of being a Fur, eh... but thats not important, sorta how I came across your essay's tell you the truth, but back to buisness; Your veiws on things seem to be well thought out, looked at through all sides, as well without a biased train of thought, includeing your rather impressive veiw's on us Furry, as well other such culture, I guess the point im trying to make is, I rather apreciate your work, as well wish there were more people out there much like yourself... please, for our sakes keep up the good work.

As well, If you are interested in contacting me, Well I'll be around, if so ever you wish for my E-mail adress, then I shall give you one, that or other ways of conacting me, though I do this only as a favor... Rather you enlighten me further about such beliefs and veiws onc cultural/sub-cultural beliefs.

thank you

i am for the lack of a better turm a closet furry. at one time i tride to expres that feeling to others. but my frends laughed at me and my parents sent me to counsaling. so evintuly i just stoped talking about it and pretended it did not hapen. then one day i foud your site and i realized that i was not alone. so thank you.
in gratitude reacher the bat

I realize you probibly hear this a lot, are a genius. That's all I can say. I love your essays. -Silkeyn

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