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Vexen Crabtree 2015


The Furry Subculture

I am a fur threw and threw, I have been for the last 7 years. I got to meet one of my favorite artists at MFM a Furry Meet this year. I made a lot of good friends from it and honestly there isn't a thing to be a shamed about its mostly just the media as always ruining something for everyone else.

I was wodnering if I could use your explanation to give out to my class? Would give the appropiate linkage, of course.. it's just a very good explanation, I believe.

yea if you want them to be taught wrong info.

what if someone is allergic to animals?

a new!

Hi! My name is Josh Visser and I don't have an invitation code or anything, because I am new to this and have recently been experimenting. Does anyone know if there is a furry conference near Spokane WA coming up? I really want to meet some cool peeps or animals for that matter. I would really appreciate some advice and hope to get in touch with my fellow furries soon!

>>THE<< most useful in-a-nutshell description I can possibly find. Furry r0><><0r5!!!


Never have I read such a well researched, well written, explanitory and damn good description on the aspect of furries.

A question

I have this forum for furry friends that have the desire to speak thier minds, and I was wondering if you would post the link to it on your site.

The Forum is called Furry, Inc. and I made the forum so that all furries everywhere can speak thier minds and not worry about recriminations or being ripped limb from limb.

If you have any questions, or comments please don't hesitate to email me.

I thank you for your time.


group dynamic, subcultrueand everyday life

pls give me up to fifteen pages of essay on the above topic

Buddhist Silliness

Amusing myself at work with internet sociology, I stumble 'pon your Furry essay. I am in accord with the complimentary comments already recorded, but I did notice one thing:

In the way that Buddhists strife to be like Buddha, an enlightened being, many furries are so inspired...

I thought the whole deal in Buddhism was minimizing strife ;-).

Home row troubles, of course. Easy typo to make. It certainly doesn't reduce the value of the work it's contained in. And, Buddhists being what we are, I'm sure most will just get a laugh from it.

odd but interesting

bunny lovers magazine

I'm a Dutch student at the Royal College of Art in London. I'm making a magazine for and about bunny lovers. I'd like to include an article or interview about furries. I'd like to meet somebody for an interview, or just interview somebody per e-mail. If anyone's interested you can contact me at

Kind regards, Bernadette


hey u hav enlightened me into i world i knew little about...i admire you for being so proud of it..also wanted 2 tell you that my second name is also crabtree....your the only person ive ever met who has shared this with me..
love tara crabtree (

Slight rant but you mostly rock. -|-

The sibling/kinship thing is normal in my group. Even among some non-fur friends. (My brother's a fur but doesn't exactly know it. We all know he's a cat, but he's funny about it.) Another group thing we all seem to do is tails. Any type of fur that can have a tail and we relate to, we have one in our closet somewhere. I'm primarily a raven, but have hare and raccoon tendencies too. I have a raccoon tail completed (made out of yarn), a rabbit tail in the works, and a full raven costume planned for my very first con. I find it a little sad that there are so few "featheries" as we call ourselves. Most artists won't even draw birds, or if they do, they draw them with mammaries. Y'know, BOOBS. A bird is not a mammal. Therefore: birds should not have mammaries. I have heard so many arguments against this theory, mostly having to do with artstyle, gender, and metamorphic construction and I have a few things to say about each. ^_^ But I won't burden this post any further. Wonderful site. Very informative. Maybe I'll show it to my parents. ~_^

Thank you..... =^_^=

Hey. My name is Anthony S., my E-identity is Wyntre Wolfe. I've been a furry basically all my life, but I didn't know there were others like me out there until a friend of mine, Adia, asked me if I was one. I didn't know what it was, she filled me in, I finally knew what to call my, shall we say, nonconformity. Anyway, I knew what I was, but I never really thought much about it until 15 minutes ago, when I was bored, I Googled "furry", and clicked on your article.

As I read, I literally got goosebumps. This was me in a way I'd never thought about myself before. I have to thank you, because for about the first time in my life, I actually felt accepted. And I want to do all I can to get into this group, to find other furries because I love this. I love these people. Do you perchance know of any prominent furry groups around the Dallas, TX area? If so, my email address is , and I'd appreciate any help, or just talking to someone who understands me finally. I can't thank you enough for what you've unknowingly done to help a lost soul, perhaps finally on his way to finding himself.

RE: Mutual Adoption of friends as siblings

My brother-by-choice, as I call him, is more of a brother to me than my own siblings by blood or adoption (as I am adopted as well as know my biological family).

Neither of us are into the furry culture, but I went looking for information, read your page, saw your comment, and thought I'd let you know (almost 2 years late) that in fact it's not so strange (at least to us).


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