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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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You, my friend, have one of the most enlightened views of the world and its infernal trappings surrounding many diverse topics. For this I must say that I have a deep respect for you and would like to thank you for being one person in this world who takes the time to think truly and deeply about things with as little bias as possible. One thing I can also say is that you are helping other people to use and benefit from your knowledge of the world and become better, more enlightened scions of a new societal generation. Peace may be too utopian a word for what you are breeding, but I believe can accurately call it understanding. Keep on creating harmony and I believe you shall usher in a new era of acceptance and peace.

i just wanted to say thank you. this is not just for this essay but for the entire sexuality section on your website. here is finally a good online forum where questions of teenagers can be answered. questions that teenagers have but are too embarressed to ask anyone. these questions need to be answered, and i think it is vital to anyone, to grow up to be educated about sexuality, instead of it being such a taboo topic in (especially american) society.

Hey there! Can you tell me why you hate porn? I hate too, but what is your reason for doing so?

Btw, your essay was rather good.

I don't know. I hate the veneer, the falseness, the cheapness. All I see is bored actors, pretense, lies... it just turns me off big time and makes me annoyed that anyone isn't similarily disillusioned with it!

"...Zoo, the latest hot-seller that features naked and near-naked amateur models and professional models on every page combined with a complete sexual objectification of all women."

Now, I live in Canada and have never even heard of Zoo, but, obviously, I know Playboy, and even though I haven't looked inside one in ages, I always loved the beauty of the women in it. My question is, what do you mean by "a complete sexual objectification of all women?" How is this achieved? Does the magazine take the stance that women are good for nothing but sex, and if they're not good for that, then they're good for nothing? And is the "sexual objectification of all women" done solely by this Zoo that you speak of, or pretty much all jerk-off magazines?

Regarding sexual experience, I have to frankly disagree with the notion the the best sex is in a long-term relationship. I think it depends on the type of person. I don't think great sex is a cookie-cutter. The best sexual experiences I've ever had have never depended on the length of the relationship. They've depended on how giving the lover was, and how attracted I was to her.

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