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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Lesser Magic in Satanism

"Lesser Magic in Satanism" by Vexen Crabtree (2002)

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read your article - interetsing but a little obvious. If you are a satanist then surley parts of those beliefs are believing in the power of curses etc. If you choose to deny the potential power in others either you are an egomaniac or you are denying your own potential?

I myself have been a Satanist for about six years and I personally do not use rituals as a means of casting or throwing a curse at anybody. I use the rituals described in The Satanic Bible as a means of unleashing my fury or portraying my love toward somebody in a legal way. So all in all I ritualize to confess to myself my hatred and love in a way that will not get me into trouble.

This should not be mistaken as Subliminal Ritualization. I never did believe in magic, in fact the main reason why I turned my back on God was because I don't believe in magic and such. I do however, believe in the magic in the sense that it's scientific fact in the making. I believe it was Lavey who said that medical advancements were first considered magic by our primative ancestors, until they were reffered to as scientific fact. Therefore, if it works for me, it's the same as scientific fact, only it hasn't been regarded as that yet and it probably never will considering all the Christians that refuse to just let go.

If you should choose to get in contact with me, my ujournal username is belialbuddy. I look forward to hearing from a Satanist such as myself.

your essay needs more detail

I agree

Power is something that must be given to an object in order for it to succeed. This is why denouncing the name of God is a relevant practice in satanism. By admitting that you are in control of your own life, and that there is no god, no immortal being that controls you and judges every move you make, you can truly grasp your own reality and manifest your own desires.


I myself am a Satanist and think your standing on the powers of magic is a You completely contradict a good three pages of the Satanic Bible in saying that worrying about a curse will make it more harmful. LaVey presented the EXACT OPPOSITE argument in his original writing... Why are you a Satanist?

I do not agree with LaVey on everything. Simple as.

Do Satanists' blindly follow the teachings of LaVey? No.

Why am I a Satanist?

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