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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Aspect of Belial

Read essay online and leave comment here

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My friends call me red,
I find this web sight to be most helpful, true to a tee. the person who put this web sight together is in fact most dedicated to the master


the description of beli'al is correct except the meaning of the name.from my studies i believe the name is 2 parts . beli is babylonian for prince or my prince and al (el)is semetic for first or mighty .so the name means the 1st prince or my mighty prince.if this is correct u should always place beli'al before the other princes.los

Concerning the name Belial


Belial is derived from the hebrew word BLIOH (Beth Lamed Jod Ojin Hei) - swallowing, absorption (source: the new bantam-megiddo hebrew-english dictionary), thus it means swallower. It has no connection to worthlessness.


Re: Concerning the name Belial

Er... says who?

Re: Concerning the name Belial

I have always seen Beliel translated to worthlessness, but it is not a entirely accurate translation.

You guys don't know jack...or belial

You guys are idiots, quite simply. Belial isn't just some second to lucifer. If you were to look into him more deeply you will discover, that many people can never state a moment that he appeared from, just that he was always there.
He wasn't created second to lucifer, he was the one who tempted Lucifer to fall. He is as Mastema, not of the same origins as your pathetic Satan or Lucifer. He is most likely more related to god in the since that he is his greatest opposition. One that the divine lord did not create.
He is the true devil, that christains fear. Satan is the prince of hell, and Lucifer remains an outcast. How do I know this stuff? Lots of research, lots of pain, and lots of contact. And fuck if I have ever heard anything about Leviathan that motivated me to do anything more then snicker. You want your hiearchy? You got it.

Re: You guys don't know jack...or belial

WRONG: Christians do NOT Fear any of your BULLSHIT! If you were educated on this subject.. you would know he "Belial" is on the losing side. In the end of the seventh battle God steps in & kicks this bitches ass. because that's what he is Satan's bitch.

Re: You guys don't know jack...or belial

You need Jesus, don't waste your time trying to explain who this clown is.


Belial is Crown Prince of Northen Hell, he represents stability and rules earth, the element not planet. Also his sin was vanity and so he also represents that. He is a Vitue that part's right and FELL with Lucifer not created with him. Belial was beaten by Saint Raphael not Michael, Micheal defeated Lucifer! Also, he is not the same thing as Lucifer, Satan, or Leviathan; he's his own person and was was banished because of his vanity and stuborness (stability is just stuborness)

Origins of Belial

There are other possiblities in the name Belial, which is also rendered Beliel (a last name in use today).

It could be a Hebrew demonization of the Sumero-Babylonian god Bel-Enlil as the Hebrews had a habit of making other people's deities into their own devils regardless of how benign the deity may have been viewed by his/her own followers.

It could also be a three language composite word. Bel is Babylonian for "lord", "i" has been used in Sumerian to denote "lord", and "el" is Hebrew for "lord", which makes the name a kind of Rosetta Stone.

This triple language word, if the theory is correct, may indicate a Hebrew preservation, albeit negatively, of the trinity aspect of cultures in ancient Egypt (Osiris-Isis-Horus (Set was a later addition from the Hyksos), in Sumeria (Anu-Enki-Enlil), and India (Indra-Agni-Surya or sometimes others). It also may explain why their is also a trinity in Judeo-Chrisitian religion.

Re: Origins of Belial

Weel thought out and well struck.

MY real is BELIAL its been like that for 22 years every thing it says about me or the name is true to a fact a crowned soon to be king thats nice oh its true about me being second to HIM!!!!!!! if i read it right iI some have been first !

Belial is what made me human


Hebrew-english translation is very complicated.
Why? hebrew is ancient, each word has different stages of life and 90% of the words has 2 or more meanings.
why also? cause hebrew has completly differnt way of language structure.
Anyway regarding "Belial".
First of all in correct hebrew punctuation it is said: "B-li-al". Blial is a word originated in the bible (old tesstament). There it was first used in the meaning of "evil and decay". Later, through misuse of the prophets the name became a descripitive to someone who's existence is decayign or evil, steming form Jewish line of though it usualy refered to people who are lazy, do not work, leech on others, have no power of independet thougth (The Jehova prophets in the old bible, if read in their original words, constantly preach to question everything, even god. to not follow blindlessly, and as matter of fact Yekhezak-el says god does not want anymore sacrifition, just social justice. It is later reinforced by the wiseman of Mishna, second holy book).
In current use, "Blial" and often "BenBlial" (sun of blial) is used to refer to people of malice and evil though, of cunnigness and of SELFLESSNESS.

Strange Dream Maybe You Can Help

I really shouldn't be on here but I had no where else to turn and no priest to ask. I have been having strange dreams. The last dream I had, I was in I think purgatory and there were two demons guiding me through. They called themselves Belial and Beelzebub. They have appeared in my dreams several times. In the dreams with just Belial, he usually asks me to join him. In the ones with Beelzebub he usually predicts my future and it comes true. Not sure why either are in my dreams. It wasnt until this last dream they were in my dream together and revealed who they were. I often feel as though someone is watching me when I am awake. I also sleep with the lights on because I am too afraid to sleep in the dark. I feel like there are shadows moving about in the dark...like the room gets darker than usual sometimes. These dreams have been worrying me for sometime now. Nowhere else to turn....

Re: Strange Dream Maybe You Can Help

Try http://www.vexen.co.uk/d/interpretation.html - A Realistic Guide to Dream Interpretation.

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