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Love everyone!

This is no message. Rather, it's a question. Does anyone know whether or not if there's a religion based on both Satanic and Christian concepts, or maybe something of the black&white type?

Cheers, Christopher.

Re: Love everyone!

Devil Worship... like the Knights Templar?

John 3:16

I replyed anonymous because I am not a livejournal user.
I found your sight as I was searching for information on blasphemy. We are all entitled to our own religious beliefs, I am compeled to share the good news of my Lord and Saviour. John 3:16 my email is

That's hardly news, mate!


Here is what i got from your essay. Correct me if i am wrong. I am gussing that you think that blasphemy is a good "idea". somthing we sould frequently do/use? I dont get it ?? Why it doesnt bennifit and thing nor any one! it just pisses people off. Yes, I believe in jesus christ, and your deffinition of blasphmy is quite off. Its not saying these things or preverse words that is not blasphemy! Blasphmy (n the bible)would be concidered to diliberate act of warding off god and his love even after he has given to you and shown you signs that you tell him specificly to "bug off" to go away ... and he will! the bible says that blasphemy is the ONLY unforgivable sin. So if what you said is saposed to be true then we are all totally screwed cause things slip and we make mistakes God knows that! so before you post essays about things in the christian belief make sure you know your facts.. Thanks God bless.

Every religion has different things that it blasphemous, that is the point of the page, it is not a boring or brainless reiteration of what Christians think blasphemy is. Realizing this, and then re-reading the page you should hopefully see that it is only bigoted, stupid and inconsiderate people who would try to uphold blasphemy laws or social taboos based on particular religious codes, when there are many religions with different concepts of blasphemy.

As it is impossible to implement blasphemy codes for all religions (as there would be too many), it is moral, mature and considerate to ignore and challenge any religious blasphemy or taboo.

Re: HI!!!

Blashemphy ok

in the Beginning the great creator God grasped his male member firmly and made his right hand his wife

you created with your mouth and you gave birth from your hand in the pleasure of emission
He put forth his hand [to create] the matter he desired before he let it fall to the ground

And great creator God said
that is my daughter the living female one who shall be with her brother

so the same source as the original bible says that God was a bit of a wanker
QED waht is blahsephmy to one is not to others
because the above is a genuine creation myth concerning Atum

this website rocks

this is the greatest website i ever know. give enlightment to me. give me undefiled wisdom.

Hi people out there. I am a yellow-skin, a chinese. I have been searching for truth... since the age of 16. From Zen philosopy which i develope interest in it. till the Fuck up christainity.... which is introduced by those hypocritical Xtian friends... But now Satanism is the real truth i am searching for, it is really glad to know such website. I think it is time for me to screw those Xtian for bring me to churches. Fucking hell out there in the church. singing those stupid prayers to their so-call god. Only that bloody god who fucked mary will like to listen those hypocritial xtain sing crap to him.


This is the saddest site I have ever seen. Was your childhood that bad that you feel there is no hope left? You should really do some more research on Christianity. Have you ever experienced unconditional love? That is what Christ offers us. Look back at the darkest point in your life, did you feel alone? Repent of your sins, ask Jesus into your heart and you will never again feel that loneliness. Maybe you haven't got to that point yet..when you get there, remember, call on Him and He will help you. I will keep you in my prayers, Vexen.



I'd like to say thank you. I've finally found a religion that i'm comfortable with. :)

Hi - just thought I'd say some of the comments on here are pretty sad, I think if these people did enough research on their own God and knew what exactly they were worshipping, they'd probably 'see the light' themselves and realise that this 'God' isn't such a nice guy as many people percieve him.


I'm checking out Satanism as part of chapter 1 of my 2nd book. Looks like I'll have to re write a paragraph since I obviously confused violent satanic cults [as portrayed by our lapdog media] with satanism. I am a born again Christian who finds no fault with iconoclasm as I believe that "religious" people tend to obsess over what I termed 'peccadilloes' [redefined in my book as something that you find annoying about someone else] and form over substance. What I find blasphemous is prayer for success in military battle. I was incensed at Bush and Hussein publicly appealing to their God for victory; I found that blasphemous!
I am suggesting in my 2nd book which centers on religious values [written for kids and young adults] that God be defined not in the image of humans [with all human foibles] but as the 'holiest of holies' and that God has no choice but to fully accept all without judgment - because that is the nature of a perfect God. I'm certain this will offend religious people as I later contend that this perfect God is irrelevant since one's position in the afterlife is assured. I also suggest that many people of faith will not be happy with the idea that "heaven is a cinch" since they've based their life on dogma. In my first book I mention that God doesn't really care if you openly worship him - as long as you lose yourself in the pursuit of righteousness.
My name is JT Barrie and the website for my first book can be found at
Oh yes, I do describe the War on Drugs as an abusive and immoral social policy.

Re: blasphemy

you state :
"What I find blasphemous is prayer for success in military battle".

are you saying that vast tracts of the historical section of the Old Testament are blasphemous?

hmmmm...u would think that if jesus was your REAL savior you'd at least be able to spell it correctly....and by the way....if your god is real he sux...he took my best friend today

Iconoclasm, blaspheme satanism/unreligion too.

Now we just need to blaspheme our own beliefs and unreligion.
Iconoclasm as a religion would blaspheme even Satanism and other unreligions, equally taking on everyone and everything and every concept,deity,symbology,etc.

Though I consider myself Satanic, I would love to go the extra mile and wear an upside down baphomet{or baphomet w/goast head inverted and single point upwards} and perhaps at the same time a neopagan pentacle inverted,hehee!!

Iconoclasm would even mock,poke fun at,question,and blaspheme itself.

Ahh,sweet,sweet blasphemy!

Hail Iconoclasm:
Bill Baker

Trinity Blasphemy

Just stumbled into your website when I googled in 'Trinity Blasphemy'.
I am a Christian Crusader for the truth. I have reason to believe that 'Trinity' is the blasphemy, since it is NOT in the Bible! And nowhere in the Bible does it say that Jesus is God. Muslim's and even Jehovah's Witnesses are right - There is but One God. To me, right wing Christian fundamentalist are the real Satanists. On one hand they mislead converts into worshipping Jesus (who is a role model of a human being working through the Holy Spirit), and on the other hand they are an anti-promotion to all religions - making us look like total idiots! I mean, isn't that what satan is really doing - drawing people away from God by mixing truth with lies in a sneaky deceitful manner? Martin

The Liar

The Church is one of the greatest liars on earth and deservs the Blasphemy it gets. They made god something to be hated by personalizing it.
The church never new god they just want to make money.

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