Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

That Pretentious Search

In the search for the meaning and point of life, wouldn't it be an anticlimax and a disappointment to actually find the answer! Life, without a search for meaning, is pointless! The game is in the search! Life is what you make of it... and how many times do people think they've found their call or "thing" in life, only to move on to something else at a later date?

There is no point... so searching for the meaning of life is probably one of the most satisfying searches in that you can be very pretentious and dedicate yourself to the search without ever running the risk of finding the answer!

This post was inspired by something Akron wrote in his analysis of the untraditional HR Giger Tarot set[1]:

"...the movement of Human life towards its goal. The deeds of humanity prepare the way, and the vehicle with which it (the Chariot) reaches than goal is the Human will. And what is the goal of humanity? It is nothing other than the path itself, entirely in the sense of a paradox that can only be resolved as such on a higher plane of consciousness"
Tags: hr giger, life, meaning of life, tarot, truth
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