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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Souls Do Not Exist

"Souls do not Exist: Evidence from Science & Philosophy Against Mind-Body Dualism" by Vexen Crabtree

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I am impressed; Logic reasoning around this for our society hugely important concept . First encounter for me.


I personally believe this is a one-sided way of looking at it. For example, if we pick the Bhagavad-Gita (note i am picking this because it provides a good example), the soul, or "atma" powers the body and produces consciousness.

The thing is that people who follow the Gita believe that we are souls. If you partially damaged the hard drive of a computer and then the computer acted differently, does this mean that electricity wasn't really running the computer? Of course, you could say that we know electricity exists. But that means you only look at things from a material perspective.

"The burden of proof is on religious people", actually since that statement is often said by an atheist, and there is no higher authority to command a statement as true, then that actually is simply a statment and doesn't require us to prove something because a materialist will only accept a material explanation for everything.

I believe i pilot my body and if I were to receive brain damage, then my soul would have trouble expresses itself through the body. I do not believe that out of trillions of years I popped into existence, because I don't believe that I was a sperm cell to begin with because that implies ownership or self, something a sperm cell has not. As a result, I believe in reincarnation.

Don't worry about my beliefs because I am "delusional".

It is all very well saying "I believe", and saying that this-and-that is true, but, none of it makes any sense. Souls may be a simple and good-seeming way to explain things, but there is an incredible amount of evidence thatt they serve no purpose, are contradictory, and don't exist. Try "Emotions Without Souls: How Biochemistry and Neurology Account for Feelings" by Vexen Crabtree (1999).

Scientists proves that soul does exist recently


These years, many professors have found some evidence to prove the souls existence around the world. You many find lost of articles talking about that in different languages.

This is just an information updated as for your reference.

Re: Scientists proves that soul does exist recently

Unfortunately the article you linked is a public-relations piece, before it was even published in a scientific journal. The news article says it will be published "next year", which was 2001. I would suggest you pay particular attention to whether the article passed peer-review (i.e., the checks to see if it was a scientific test or not). If so, get back to me!

hi i am one of those who is able to move the soul out of body

hi everyone
i just got a fresh experience of movin my soul out of body
i just think of it as a circit i have diagram but i cannot post it here i want to kown how you can push yourself out of body
i did leave my body by mistake but i want it to happen again??
can u email me then i ll also send diagram to you
thanks Email Address : pkrittach@tisb.ac.in


I saw a soul/spirit/ghost when I was twelve. As expected in a child, I couldn't sleep well at night for many years, even though the event had taken place in plain daylight -at noon. I still wonder how that soul 'at the speed of light' could open,not go through -as in films-, two doors and swerve a television set that was in the middle of the kitchen...
The soul had the shape and height of a human being and it was the whitest white I had ever seen. Because of the speed at which it crossed the kitchen, I was just able to see its back. I still wonder if it had a face.
After some years I came to this conclusion:
Souls can exist out of a body, move freely around at great speed, become visible or invisible to our eyes, see objects, aply force to material objects, affect our behaviour, and the worst of all, souls can kill human beings (anyone standing behind any of the two doors would be dead by now. Fortunately, my family and I -seven people- were sitting at the table when the soul visited us)
Please, if you have any comments, anything that could help me understand that event, send a mail to silviaalbi@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance.

You can't put your finger on everything and a soul is one of those issues were i think you have a very intresting outlook but it's not to be answered. You have a thrist for knowing how all this comes together but your gonna go crazy trying to figure it all out. Your not suppose to know YET. You can't apply science to the soul...although it is an intresting theory.Kudos for the investigator in you but....come on!!. Don't be such a mind freak it's too beautiful to be picked apart and so is the soul. It's all we have as individuals and individuals we are.


Well, I have a approach for the topic -

Now, soul cannot be made of nothing(Null, Vacuum) has to be made up of something, say photons or some element.
Hence it has a structure.

Next - out belief in soul
1. Comes from the religious and theosophical books written by ancestors, Earlier Race. I guess we should trust ourselves more than wat they said.
All religions had many wrong concepts which they have come out of -
example - flat earth, universe and earth created within 6 days etc of Christianity. Loads of animal worship and deviated ritual of Hinduism.
Blind belief and no questioning in Islam. List is endless
2. Things called as evidence for existence of soul are - NDE and astral travels.
Experts say - NDEs can be done by list of chemicals also, it has been tested.
About Astral travel, it has to do with a deviated state of consciousness within the brain, even though it feels to be as if body has nothing to do with astral travelling feeling.
3. The earlier races if they discovered immortality, (is a mere manipulation of genes) then they might play this game of appearing as old man in light and giving an NDE by accessing brain of the victim
4. Recently I read , that in Japan they have made a machine for dreams
Decide dream video of ur choice and go to sleep and dream !!
If that can be done, giving NDEs, astral-travel wont be difficult step.

Concluding -
I would rather doubt earlier races, and chemistry of brain than to conclude for the feel ("everything in life wud seem worthwhile if we had concept of soul, oversoul, re-incarnation, karma etc" - applied psychology)

Re: body is the dress of our souls 1

There is a seen, material world and there is an unseen spiritual world. In the seen world, biological laws or natural laws like gravity are valid and they are all inserted by God to make our lives easy and fruitful. If we plant the seed of an orange, then we can have an orange tree. If we jump off the building we die but we take a plane we fly.
As for the unseen world, here are divine laws and commands for us again. Soul is one of these divine laws. We cannot see it but we feel it through soul’s acts. The actions of soul start once it clothes its body in mother’s womb. A book without meaning is not a book, a tree without it’s the law of growth that stimulates its f growing cannot grow up and stays as a small seed. The same way, without the soul, we would stay in our mother’s womb as a lump meat.
God acts in the seen world through causes. However, in the unseen world, there are many other worlds or realms: the world of ideas, symbols or immaterial forms, the inner dimensions of things, and souls, where God acts directly and where matter and causes do not exist.
Thus the soul is breathed into the embryo directly, making it a direct manifestation of GOD, and therefore the basis of human life. Like natural laws, which come from the same Divine Sovereignty the soul does come from the Divine sovereignty. But unlike other laws like the law of growth or gravity, is a living, conscious law. If the soul were stripped of life and consciousness, it would be "regular" law; if "regular" laws were given life and consciousness, each one would become a soul.
Science cannot define or perceive the soul. While matter or anything in the material world is composed of atoms, and atoms are made up of more minute particles, the soul is a simple, non-compound entity. We cannot see it, but we can know it through its actions in this world. Although we accept its existence and observe its manifestations, we cannot know its nature. Such ignorance, however, does not mean that it does not exist.
How can see Souls’ actions?
Our eyes are the windows of our souls.
We see with our eyes, as they are our instruments of sight. The main center of sight is located in the brain. But the brain does not see. You do not say: "My brain sees"; rather, you say: "I see." It is the individual who sees or hears or senses. But what is this "I"? Is it something composed of a brain, a heart, and other organs and limbs? Why can we not move when we die, although all our organs and limbs are there? Does a factory operate by itself, or does something else (i.e., electrical energy) cause it to work? Any defect or error in a factory that causes a disconnection between it and its electrical energy can reduce a once highly productive and invaluable factory to a heap of junk. Is such a relation at all comparable to that between the soul and the body?
When the body's connection with the soul is cut by death, the body is reduced to something that must be disposed of quickly, before it begins to rot and decompose.

wheres a soul

Your soul is right under you lower ribs,its kinda like a pie graph with your good and bad actions recorded, and all of you feelings a emotions from the actions and experiences in your life, now theres a link that connects your soul to your mind and your mind to the body. Now the only way to find out how a non-physical soul interacts with the body is to die its that simple.

More comments on these topics: http://vexen.livejournal.com/228925.html from a post I made later.

2.1 Eyes

"Our pupils contain special wavelength-sensitive" Should be "Our retinas"

This change has been implemented.


Answer to a question on article - souls do not exist.

Do those who suffer Alzheimer's disease find themselves resurrected with gaping holes in their memories and cognitive functions?
The answer according to the bible is ‘Yes’. People will be resurrected just as they were before death, with the imperfect physical bodies and brains.
If one studies the complete book of Revelations of the bible he would find an exhaustive analysis of what is going to happen at the resurrection.Only a limited number (144000)gets the opportunity to go to heaven immediately after their death.All those who do good cannot go to heaven as the common christian is made to believe.Only those who are close to God same as how the first disciples of Jesus were, go to heaven.The people who have lived according to Gods standards will be resurrected together with those who never got a chance to know about god.Thereafter Satan will be locked up for a thousand years.Those who did not know about God will be taught by the rest.At the end of the 1000 year period Satan will be released from his bondage.At that time people will still opt to follow Satan.Then those people together with Satan will be destroyed forever by God.Thereafter with Jesus as the king together with the 144000 in heaven will govern the earth which will eventually be brought back to paradise status under the guidance of Jesus.During this transition period people will be gradually made perfect hence no more sin or death thus attaining everlasting life.

How do you explain this if spirits dont exist??

Helloy there, I didnt read the entire page but I find this very interesting as I am a spiritual person with brain damage...and I want to see your opinions on a couple things..First off, you might have heard of demonic scratches(usually come in 3's) that people get...(if not research on google) Well I will copy and paste my story here I just posted on another blog..

""""I totally agree with your viewpoint about spirits, these HAVE been PROVEN true, unlike the Bible, which has been proven False. I personally used to get attacks from negative entities…you can research this on google if you’d like….as it turns out it’s happened to many other people besides me. These people are not making this up! What I am referring to is the “Demonic Scratches” that appear on your body out of nowhere. It can happen while asleep, or awake, and you can “feel” and see them happening while it happens, so that confirms 100% that you are not scratching yourself. Normally the scratches come in 3′s….Three long scratches down your Arms, Legs, Or Back is the most common places. You may have even seen this on those paranormal TV Shows, or Unsolved Mysteries….

The first time I got the scratches I was about 17 years old and it happened in my sleep. And it wasn’t 3 of them it was 6 or 7 of them, I can’t remember now, but they did freak me out at the time, as I just “knew” it was demonic. The scracthes were pefect and thick and I had no fingernails at all, and they were in a evil design. It was like 5 scratches in a row, and one scratch going through the middle of those five scratches diagonally. Very evil looking. Well, after that incident I received them probably more than 50 times over the years and everytime after the first incident they did appear in 3′s although one night I received 27 of them! But they were all in 3′s…meaning I was scratched, in sets of 3, NINE different times in one night. I was awake and felt and saw each one of them. They actually just burn a little, they don’t even hurt much….but you can feel and see it as it happens.

I found out the reason why they do this to people is to invoke FEAR out of them so that they can feed off the energy. Well, I wasn’t afraid anymore I even commented out loud “Maybe It’s not a demon, maybe it’s a friendly ghost who just likes me and wants my attention, because they don’t really hurt!” And after I said that, I never received another scratch again, and to this date I still haven’t. So, it knew it couldn’t scare me anymore so it stopped bother to waste it’s energy to do it. So, these experiences alone, to me prove that there are spirits out there, to see physical scratches come on your body like that, and I knew it couldn’t be some skin reaction as they had patterns to them and they have also happened during haunting shows on Television, so I just connect the dots.

As for God and Christiantiy itself, I definitely believe in a higher power and what “God” is to one person, may be different to another….but I think with the Bible, it somehow got curropted long ago by man. I think it’s possible that some of it has merit to it, but a lot of it is just nonsense, especially the fear parts. And I agree with you, about the lower dimensions and the darkness which some learning souls might end up, but that is simply a part of their eternal journey and noway will they stay there “Forever” That just make no sense.

PS- to the author...I've also done MEDITATION on the new technology with headphones, with literally NO SEROTONIN left in my brain, or a minimal amount....and I was able to achieve peace. So this proves that the afterlife is real and the brain is not the only source....the universe can heal brain damage if you meditate...But the scratches from demonic entities...can you explain how this is possible if there is no spirits??

Thanks for your time!

Re: How do you explain this if spirits dont exist??

I only read the top part but read the part where you have experienced bad spirits now yes there is a God and the Lord you see you said you know that what happened to you to be true well it is the same on the subject on spirits and souls. Your comment is all over the place you believe in this but not that. I had 3 supernatural experience and the Bible is the holy scrispssteds of the Lord's word.

Ghosts reference

"Every solved case". LOL! It seems like the most logical of people are the most blind as well.


I entirely agree, but you need to do a bit of editing "although because that for most of human history we have had no understanding of how our brains work most Humans have falsely believed inferred that we have souls". Perhaps "because for most of human history we have had no understanding of how our brains work most Humans have falsely believed or inferred that we have souls"?

we dont know yet .....

Souls do exist or not is a big question for science. According to social demographic surveys conducted in US clearly shows increase in paranormal experience over last few decades. The fact is it's something beyond the scientific explanations. Ghostly experiences are mostly explained with hallucination theories. but neurophysiological explanation of hallucination is incomplete so far. None can explain the etiology of non-clinical/ non-pathological hallucinations yet. How do we say something is absolutely certain with incomplete theories ?

I just came upon the from Google I just wanted to say When you don't know the Lord or the creator it's very easy to gather evidence to back up your claims but until it really happened to you. Not only me but millions of people around the world have a had at least one supernatural experience and trust me you don't want to challenge them on saying it was not real because it was and more so I had one too. I know I have a spirit inside of me some of the most evil people know it too. we as humans already know we have a spirit we are way past that fact and a soul well if I never had one I would never be human. When have things to experience then come back and write but until then if we have no spirit and no soul then here on earth would be nothing and that is far from the truth. we have a true meaning and what we do here on earth matters for where we go after.

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