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Work colleagues

They were asking me about Furry and Satanism today. In a surprising moment Michael, the Technical Director, wanted to know how I combined Satanism and Furry. He reads some of my websites... but I think he never reads long essays. Kieran, the ex-student I am training up, also listened in. I knew Kieran at Hertfordshire Uni, he went to many of the alternative music nights. He's got his brain in the right place, I think.

My response was to explain the "reverence" of animals in Furry... that we admire the way they are, and find that we can learn a very large amount from them. Saint Francis would be my Patron Saint if the position wasn't taken by Satan! Then to explain it in turns of Satanism it was a simple case of saying how Anton LaVey (original Black Pope of the Church of Satan) viewed Human's as being nothing more than animals... no spiritual higher-element... and that a height of intellectual honesty can be found when keeping in touch with your animal side... more in touch with your own emotions, needs. Without the humbling purity of admission of animal passions you can't achieve the emotional honesty required to facilitate your own ascension through life.

Oh that's a whole load of typical Vexen automatic-garbage really!
Tags: furry, satanism, workmates
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