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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Camden Town

About Camden Town

Its true!

People are only in these businesses for the money now, when once it was a labour of love, so to speak. I remember the days of Kensington market... when almost everything in every shop was original... when Spank first started up and sold crushed velvet and GOTH cloths and no cyber stuff at all! The Cyber shops were a new thing and their clothes were individual and different.

People have a way of commercialising everything... and by buying it we are helping to destroy the individuality we once had.

However, unfortunately now, without making our own clothes, its hard to avoid it! There are so many lables now, that whatever you buy is bound to be something.

I always make it my duty to remember my roots, not let all these big price tags get to me... i'll buy and wear what i like (and of course if i find a cheaper imitation somewhere else, my bank balance will be happier with me :)

I agree with what you say. You hit the nail on the head!!!

info on si

great site, use full links for just simply the best way of life!!

I can't stand the New Rock-ation of Goth culture - the thing I always liked most about Goth was it's non-reliance on labels, now here we are with New Rocks, Swear, Dane, etc...

It's just a relief when I go to a club where hardly anyone is wearing this victim of fashion clothing (unfortunately they've made it next to impossible for me to find a pair of decent boots, something which was not so difficult to do only five years ago)

I can visualize perfectly both the Cyberdog logo in Japanese, and it's Cyber-Dog icon... more pervasive labels.

Actually... I love it all, it's great stuff, but it is worrying nonetheless that they are labels: Complete with overpricing and herd mentality.

Camden (Anonymous) Expand

Camden Town

I am doing some fishing here to see if anyone else has noticed something that I seem to have lately, or if it is just me!
I go to Camden as often as I can, for much the same reasons as every other Goth/alternative. I feel safer and more comfortable, plus I enjoy the view! I also find it very easy to strike up conversation with people and find much in common with them, as opposed to my local town, where people are hostile and suspicious to the point whereby you wouldn't even be interested in talking to them. (Plus they dress funny...mwahahah!)
However, the last few times I have been, I seem to have noticed that there are drastically fewer alternative types around the usual places, ie the high street, the bridge, markets. I have found that apart from the odd person or two, you have to actually go into, say, the Dev to find a population. It used to be that there were so many alternatives that it was 'our place' and the normals and mundanes generally seemed to respect that and even show interest in our clothing and suchlike. Groups of weirdos walked around, and usually with smiles on their faces (apart from the mopeygoths, bless'em.)
But for the last six months or so, there are trendies everywhere (even in specialist shops) and they are looking at ME funny and sniggering and whispering amongst themselves!! I'm like, 'this is Camden, not Oxford Street for chrissake!! If ya don't like it, piss off!!'
Is it just me? Has anyone else noticed any such phenomena, or am I in such dire need to be around my own kind that I am imagining things that aren't there? I am aware that Camden does tend to get livelier in the summer months, to be fair. But two words keep creeping into my mind, despite efforts to stop them...KENSINGTON MARKET. Nuff said.

Re: looking stupid

If people are worried about looking different, bring pointed at in the streets, not being able to get a job and generally being mistaken for film extras from Judge Dredd, then stop being a goth. Being trendy or a goth is the same thing - you are a fashion victim, just be normal you dork.

Re: looking stupid (Anonymous) Expand

you forgot some people....

In yr list of CATEGORIES you forgot some people who enjoy Camden as well and do not fall into the titles of mundane, regular, or normal....
-Other types of punks that don't follow the mohican, tartan trouser style, like those who are fans of NYC punk or indie punk.
-Riot Grrrls
-Emo kids
-Skinheads (trads not racists)
-Rockabilly / Teddies

Such "categories" have been around longer than Nu-Metal and deserve a mention. Alternative culture should not be limited to those who are goth or metal. Where do the rest of us who despise mainstream society and culture fit in? Don't alienate us like regular people....please.

Re: you forgot some people....

I'd have never have thought to include Mods! And although I'm familiar with Rockabilly, Riot Grrls, etc, I'm not familiar enough to be able to write any text that would do them honour, so could you go write more about each one?


what stalls sell New Rock boots? I am a first timer there and am gettin New Rocks but i dont know what stalls sel them. Plz plz plz help! ANGEL IN DISTRESS! +x+x+x+x

Dozens and shops and stalls along Camden High Street between Camden Lock and Camden Tube sell them, many have front-facing displays so you really can't miss them.

Trendies and labels

I think its funny the way you describe how all us punks wear designer labels these days. I make most of my own clothes, as do a lot of my friends, and none of us buy designer labels. I wear what i think suits me and my style. Even if we wore labels, so f*cking what! It's strange how you feel that you can persecute a group of people that already feel persecuted enough.


Re: Trendies and labels


And of the various subcultures, Punk has succombed least to designer labels, so you don't need to get defensive 'k, Mr(s) Paranoid Pink Fluffy Banana Gimp.

Re: Trendies and labels (Anonymous) Expand

Camden rocks!!

I went to Camden last year and I also fell totally in love with it. I feel so at home there. The market and shops are brilliant. It really is the best place on this planet.
roxie xx

Re: Camden rocks!!

I just came back from a trip to London, and Paris, I hate paris, but love London, Camden Town in particluar . I did notice that there were a lot of people that seemed to be out of place, and even myself being a tourist, noticed this. Every city sorta has a Camden Town spot, I'm from CHicago, and we have one, go down Clark Street, where it intersects wiht Belmont. Camden was so much more, I don't know why, but it just felt so much more homey to me. But anyways, its rocks, I love it there, by far my favorite place in London.


camden is so kool...i spend most my time there in cyberdog...where u find many cybergoths(very nice...-drools-) hehe... :P well.. yeh, camden rocks \m/

Flash Punks and Goths

Ive got news for you, this ex punk/goth was wearing over priced clothes since late 80's..early 90's up to 2001 ish ...when i lost interest ...not saying i dont do it -its just that i now wear d&g AND i wear goth frilly shirts-i simply like them both.
My studded Harley Davidson biker jacket cost £280.00 with a RHCP paintjob! that was in 1991 from Kensington Market.-I have seen similar high quality jackets pre studded sell for 600 quid in the mid nineties-today being a quality /flash/punk or goth = a lot of money, as much as D&G crowd in fact-so its more a choice than a financial thing-you pay your money -take your choice-both are expensive.

I cannot agree more with your comments on the whole trendy/goth thing, gothic clothes are ridiculously expensive, I have found that it is better to just buy what you like, no matter where you get it from, or how much it costs, as long as you are happy with the way you look. I have noticed that alternatives can also be very muscially fascist, and are often inclined to insult trendies as much as they are insulted. This makes them no better than the people they scream bloody murder over.

I felt really confused after being told that i didn't look "goth enough" by my fellow "goths" and the clothes i designed didnt agree with their look.. i was really hurt by this..i think some people can be really confused and do not understand how special being alternative and creative is anymore..some people dont understand what a goth is and they tend to promote gothic culture in the wrong way.. luckily there are people in camden town:-) that share similar views to me

Without wishing to sound like an old b***ard, I have long thought that there is a sad decline of the DIY/anti-commercial ethos in the so-called 'alternative' culture found in Camden and similar areas. "Back in my day" we used to customise our own clothes, scour charity shops and generally have to put a bit of thought into achieving an authentic 'alternative' look. Now, as you say, one stands out if they DONT have the lastest trendy (and expensive) 'alternative' label.

On a different note, can you clarify something for me - i had to do a project at university about the impact of the contraceptive pill on religious life.... I'm usually bad with names but i'm sure i used something written by you - think it was some figures about church attendance in the last few years - does that sound familiar? Incredible co-incidence if so!

Lady of the Lake


check this out - Camden

Industrial Goths

you missed out us industrial goths! unlike trad goths who like gothic building and arched windows and so forth, we like the old industrial building and so forth!

camden style

i'm an italian girl from rome,I'm 16yrs old and I went to london (http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=london&v=53&src=zon) with my school (http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=school&v=53&src=zon) for a week!
i'm in luv with camden town...the style,the ppl,the clothes and the market!
i cutted my hair (http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=hair&v=53&src=zon) in camden for only 6 puound!!!!!!
camden town rocks,i really really luv it!