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Vexen Crabtree 2015



Have nice thoughts for Empiress, who is going to have surgery.

Productive day at work so far. Doing multiple tasks and updates. We have been working heavily on modular code that we can use to automatically insert things into web pages via the use of magic. It works brilliantly.

I have several essays waiting to be wrote! They're all cramming in my mind! Essays on race/culture and diversity, on lesser magic and the psychology of how people subtly control each other, an essay on cult tactics, on self-help (greater magic, perhaps).

I don't think I'm going to the LondonFurs meet tomorrow (, as I have to do some real-life things like bank, shopping, make physio appointment.

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Ethnicity, race and cultural identity are particularly interesting at the moment - I've been thinking about what happens if you have a cultural identity that precludes you actually allowing yourself to be a part of it, based on your race... or at least half of it...

Out of interest, have you written much on sympathetic magic? There's some interesting cross-overs with Chaos Theory that I don't think have been properly explored by anyone yet...

*thinks snuggly happy thoughts atta Empiress*

I'm going to put up a few quotes and references to books/people who have wrote on the similarities between Satanism and Chaos Magic... Satanism seems to snuggle closer to Chaos Magic than the occult.

The first quote will be from Rev. Gavin Baddeley (Church of Satan), who is the UK spokesperson for the COS *mini fanfare*

Is that 'chaos' as in anarchy-type type stuff or the dependance of non-linear deterministic systems on initial conditions?

what I have to look forward to when I get back...more Vexen essays! Yay!


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