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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree, LS Meet

London Satanists meeting

"The London Satanists Group: Now Closed" by Vexen Crabtree

you people are not satanists as you pretend to be, you are worshipers of drugs and alchoholisim. you try to get others attention by trying to wear and behave as satans, its only a mean to fullfil a low personalityl's achievments

London and large cities are centres of drug use, and alcoholism is rife in the UK. However, Satanists (in general) almost do no drugs and tend to more sensible with drink than most people. I don't really claim to know why this is. LaVey wrote against drugs, although some that are considered 'Satanic' in history have been big drug users.

Q: Are Satanists' dogmatically inhibited from taking drugs?

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what makes you think that satanism is going to win? how can you convince me to be a satanist?

Going to win what? There is nothing to win! Just live your life and be happy.

I'm not even going to try and convince you to be a Satanist. Most people will never be a Satanist. Either you are one, or you are not, just read The Satanic Bible and see for yourself.

why do you always focus on jesus and the church? what about mohammad? byintek samatonkon iza da22aito fi?
in arabic this means you get fucked when you mess with mohammad?

Christians focus on Jesus. Muslims focus on Muhammad. Satanists' focus on images of Satan.

Muhammad can't fuck with anyone, just like Jesus, he is dead.

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do u believe in the life after death? where do u want ur life to be then. hell or heaven?

I don't believe in heaven, hell or afterlife.

Also, heaven is a dubious and problematic theological creation, I don't think such a place is logical or likely to exist:

Nor is Hell:

The above two pages are looking at heaven/hell, if there were any gods that existed.

i was searchin thru google for satanic photos and i found this website, i felt scared from those pictures and you look like a beast. do u eat people. am i going to sleep well tonight.

Yeah I eat people all the time in secret places in a menschen fleisch restaurant that you get to from a disused London Underground tube station. Why do you ask?

what would your reply be if someone told you that satanists are seduced by sex and drugs, especialy if they are feeling a burn out or a depression, i wonder if you are to follow satan, what hinders you from following God. besides, if god does not exist, why does the devil exist then?

1) I don't do drugs, and I only believe in sex in stable relationships. For me, this is by far the best kind of sex. So, I would say, that it depends on the individual. Normally people who say Satanism is a result of seduction by sex and drugs don't know what they're talking about, or they're getting their information from deluded and paranoid Christians.

Some pages about if God or Satan exist, why some people view Satan as better:

And please, try to research what Satanists believe and what we're like before asking questions that don't do much more than highlight your reliance upon pop culture's shock-horror view of Satanism.

Absurdities in the Bible?!!!!?!!! it depends on your explanation to the bible. you already had developed a bad side, then you are not going to understand the bible in its true meaning. to tell you the truth please, dont touch the bible. it was meant for people who are going to respect it.

What on Earth are you talking about? Take your Christian superstition and fuck off, please?

satan was an angel, but he was jealous from God, so he deviated and decided to disobey God.... he tried to attract his followers by deceiving them of eternity and power where in fact they are going to burn in hell :) poor them.

You sound pretty deceived yourself, poor Christian! I'm sorry I can't pride myself on being a mindless sheep like you. Why do people like you all sound the same, yet accuse *others* of being brainwashed and tricked? Quite ironic.

There is no god, dude, get over it.

you are a satanist? why are you taking a picture next to the fire extinguisher? you must like fire, devil, hell (where you belong). poor you instead.

Er, if I liked fire, ask yourself, why WOULD I be next to a fire EXTINGUISHER? Surely if I liked fires, I wouldn't like fire extinguishers!

i would like to join the occult art of satan

i would like to become a member of your satan church please email me on metropolitainpolice@hotmail.com i am not a police officer i have just picked it for fun

Go satanists!

When i got to this site and looked at it,
i found out that that satan guy is victorious and
you other people are helpless,mindless lambs
who want to go to the heaven which does not exist.
And for some of you christians;Satanism isn´t the same
as satan-worshipping.That´s true youknow...:P
God is a self-sentered being,if there is a god.
And besided,what would you do in heaven?
Praying praying praying staring at god´s face
etc etc...

Luv ya vexen

I have just been reading the previous messages,and would like to say that I luv vexen's response's to such typical mindless questions from the brainwashed masses. Vexen you have a great sense of humour, as did Anton LaVey.whom if he was alive today I would very much like to of met . I hope to Meet you sometime .Blessing's Wyrdmaiden....Hail Satan!


Do u really believe in satinism &thier alot of churches that believe in the Devil them selves. I dont believe in that satisim stuff, Where are those churches located at that believe in the devil Thanks for awnsering my questions.


Hello Vexen, I am a practicing pagan and my boyfriend is a Satanist and I have a few questions for you as I have been looking into the 'religion'. (I'm not sure if you consider it a religion or a spirituality) Anyway, first of all, are you a satanist in the fact that you believe and worship in yourself and the idea that you are the higher power? This is what my boyfriend believes and he has done quite a lot of research on religion and philosophy. Thanks! -Savannah (savvyo666@yahoo.com)

I consider it a religion, and a thoroughly unspiritual one, in that it is based on real-life, real emotions, real humanity and truth.

I am a Satanist in the sense you outline, I am a "LaVeyan Satanist", a long-term member of the Church of Satan.


Does anybody know how to use the devils urine to change your face?

plz reply back to me at:


hi i know that the posts here are old.. i was wondering if any one knew of a satanic group /coven in London UK?