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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Oil, Pollution and the Kyoto Protocol


The Kyoto Protocol versus the USA. America is the worlds biggest polluter by far, and is also the most developed country doing least about pollution and waste. The USAs atrocious record on environmental issues is one reason why people hate the USA. By Vexen Crabtree

Wow, it’s simple to complain about the most powerful nation in the world because everyone does it. But, how about some facts that aren’t quoted from the BBC? I’m not saying that I am the biggest supporter of President Bush—I’m a democrat—but it is hard to take any report seriously if the source information comes from a singular source. I don’t know about the UK, but in the United States we are taught that a diversity of information helps to support a viewpoint better than taking information derived from one source and touting the product as a truly informative essay. I really care about the environment and I realize that we need to get a democrat or an environmentally friendly republican in office—it has been a pattern trough out history. I would not try out for Bush’s cheerleading squad, but even though he has increased the amount of carbon dioxide emissions allowed by law into the environment, the overall amount of emissions into the atmosphere have decreased. They will simply decrease at a slower pace. On a more patriotic note, it is interesting that many nations choose to bash the United States rather than to consider their own problems. Yeah Britain emits a lower amount of carbon dioxide—but it isn’t nearly as productive. Your website makes it look like your organization is a cult, so it makes sense that you information would be fundamentally ethnocentric and bias.

Please note that I personally do not complain about the USA, I have merely listed reasons that other people have given for disliking the USA.

The sources are wide and varied, from USA sources to British broadsheets and random people from the internet... it's not a scholarly effort at sociology, but, these are the reasons people give.

It is ironic that the USA teaches diversity of information (according to you), yet USA news services are famous, in the West, for being shockingly USA-centric!

Studying history (Europeans have a natural feel for history), one of the main components was looking at sources at criticising them, and looking for diversity in sources and information.

My organisation?? I don't have an organisation! I consider myself quite organized though, but I don't think that counts!

I don't think my information is ethnocentric, as it quotes Arabs, Western Europeans, Americans and far Eastern groups. It's rather diverse in that sense.

UK isn't as productive, we're simply not rich any more... we got a problem in that our military and conservative governments (when in power) still think of us as a worldwide colonial power... but we're not! We're a relatively small country with a relatively small population.

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I looked at more of your stuff, i am the american who just posted that thing--it too was filled with many spelling mistacks and gramatical errors. i hate to insult you becuase that seems to be what you get off on, but your a fucking phyco. you know why the uk is a pussy? because of assholes like you who are all talk, no action.

I tend to delete pointless posts like this... who are you, who criticize by saying it "was filled with many spelling mistacks", and mention "gramatical errors" yet don't even capitalize the name of your own country? And can't spell the difference between "you're" and "your"?

My English is not perfect, never will be. But if I critized someone elses English as some kind of substitute for a proper response, I'd at least make sure my brainless post was itself written in good English.

Why do you say I am all talk, no action? If by "no action" you mean I do not reply in kind - with immature and obnoxiously stupid insults - then you are right, I gave up that kind of (re-)action in school.

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Countries need to come together for this issue.

I am currently doing some information for an essay on my english class and I chose the topic the Kyoto Protocol. I think that it is a major issue, something that we can not control without help. I believe that as a Christian that we should take care of our earth and everything in it. Which is really hard this day and age, I find it really disheartening when together as countries we can not agree on something that could really bring us together and is a good cause. I know it is not as simple as it looks from my perspective, but I am not writing this to put down the UK or America, but I do sense tension between the two. All I really wanted to say is that Kyoto or no Kyoto I think us personally as people need to smarten up too and be informed and do as much as we can. That's all ..

CO2 emmisions

If we were to take your numbers and look a little closer you would see that as a % of the economy, China puts out 904 Million tons per percent as compared to the US at 180.33 million tons per percent. Europe puts out 137.86 tons per percent. If you were to take out co2 generated by private transportation in USA my guess would be that we do not pollute at any higher rate than Europe! The "hidden" agenda behind Kyoto has nothing to do with questionable global warming causes, but is aimed at curbing the US economy so that developing countries that do not have to comply (China, India, Mexico, etc.) can then take over that open market share!

Re: CO2 emmisions

And why is CO2 generated by private transportation any less important??
There is no hidden agenda behind Kyoto - just for a moment drop the US mentality that everything is 'economy' based. This is not about taking over market share, if countries are not responsible about the environment there eventually will be no market.

People concentrate on the US because they are by far the largest country - even if every other country cooperated, protecting the environment can not be successful if the US disregards it.

Bush and Kyoto Protocol

hi, i am a student from Chile, in South America, I think your article is amazing, i really liked it, and I agree with you in the fact that United States only care about money and becoming more powerful every day. There were a lot of jokes in my country about the refusing of Bush to sign the Kyoto Protocol. The press said he is kind of stupid. Tomorrow I will read your article to my class, cause' it's very interesting

Good Luck Carolina

Not everyone in the US is a bad guy

I know it's easy for folks outside the US to just hate all Americans for the way our country is being lead right now. However, you need to keep in mind that President Bush BARELY won the election both times, and both times it was a question about whether he won at all. So, you've got at least 50% of the citizens in the united states that do not support the current administration. The majority of people who do support Bush are duped by his propaganda, or are benefitting from his leadership (usually monetarily). So what are we doing about it? Well, since the federal government isn't taking action on key issues like climate change, the state governments are trying to fill the void (like by having renewable energy standards and increasing required fuel efficiency in vehicles). It is not as effective as if the federal government was taking the lead, I agree, but it is something. The point I am trying to make is that Bush does not represent the views of half of his citizens. Trash on the Bush Administration all you want for its actions, but try not to translate that into a hatred for all of us. Not all of us drive Hummers and use energy like it's going out of style. :)

Re: "Not everyone in the US is a bad guy" yes i know

i was living in the US for some years. (now i am not.)
i think the people out side the US pretty much hate evil J.W.Bush (he is the center of the Axis of Evil, actually!)rather than the USA as a country. don't worry about that.

well... i am not talking about those moron muslim!!! they just hated everyone anyway.

Hi my name is Ken and I am a geology and environmental studies major from New Hampshire. I have done a little bit of exploration on the Kyoto Treaty and thought I might correct a few of your claims and maybe pose another perspective aside from an American hating Brit.

There were fewer than 20 countries that were actually required to reduce emissions by the kyoto treaty, andmany were actually allowed to increase emissions (Norway, Australia...) For the United States to reduce emissions by 8 percent, that is a substantial amount more than other countries. There would be a substantial economic hit on America, atleast 8% drop in economy due to where emissions come from. Factories and production, generating electricity, and shipping and transportation are the main causes for co2 emissions. Europeans are also given the distinct advantage in the treaty that they are able to buy and sell emission rights, which makes pollution control a profitable market for European countries. America is not allowed to trade emission rights and has a set line for emission reduction. President Bush isn't the only President to oppose this treaty either. President Clinton also opposed the Kyoto Treaty while it was being proposed in the late 90's. You also might want to vary your sources. It's nice that they all support your claim, but there are different opinions out there which are also scientifically backed up.

Hi, my name is Noémie and I am a canadian..well, a Quebecer. I just read your site and I wanted to congratulate you about it. You bring interesting facts to make people realise today's world's reality...and that's important...We cannot dictate the values people should adopt but we can inform them...I am not saying that Canada is the gratest country of the world (really not!) but I think people are more informed here and that is why we are more supporting the Kyoto protocol than in US (where medias just denounce what autority wants population to be warn of). Like some readers said, I think that you idea of denouncing America's selfishness is good but you'r kind of generalising too much. Not all Americans are assholes...But every governments have to deal with his nation's economy and that is why our dear friend the PM of USA is preferring making money than assure the biological life of his country's population!lol...Well..I don't hate Americans but I think they should wake up to look at the environnemental disaster their country is causing...I use to say that noting is perfect but we have to choose the less worst way to act and live... I this case, I think we should begin by doing small actions like yours to inform and take part of the solutions for an improved future..

*You should translate you site in French!!!

I apologize

I am an American living in shame and resentment of the Bush Administration. I just wanted to say that not all Americans- in fact- millions of us do not support his policies of war and destruction at all costs. We unfortunately have no voice in the government and those who do "represent" us do a pathetic job due to a desire to hold office. I apologize on behalf of the United States and our ignorant president from hell.


OK, as an American...Texan actually... I was raised with the thought of having the planet come before any agenda or profit. After all what's profit worth if there is no planet left to spend it. I am NOT a bush supporter and count the days until he is out of office. I truly think that he is only halting good for his own personal gain and does not care about the environment unless it makes his pocket book fat. I mean com on we are paying $2.00 per gallon (american) for cheap gas when our reserves are full and production is up. If we truly had a president that cared about us he would release some of the reserves so that prices can go down a little and we can actually afford to drive to work if we live too far for public transportation. We need a democrat in office to fix all the damage Bush has done. It seems that gay is a bigger topic for this guy than the environment.

Bush divides us! Clinton will Unite us!

Global Warming

I am an American who has lived and worked in many countries across the world. I now live in the United States and am appalled by what is going on in my country. There is so little concern about what we are doing to contribute to the destruction of the environment; so much ignorance regarding global warming. It is not a hoax, as a leading US senator proclaims, but a fact that has been proclaimed as such by countless scientists. The evidence is beyond dispute and is readily available to one and all. Even the Bush administration now admits to manmade causes of global warming, but refuses to do anything claiming it will harm the economy. It need not do so, but it might very well harm the petroleum industry, which this president represents far more than he represents the interests of the people of this nation. Automobiles now get fewer miles per gallon, on average, than twenty years ago. Tax breaks are often available for the drivers of such gas-guzzlers as the Hummer. The use of larger vehicles, despite increasing gasoline prices, which have produced record profits for oil companies, is holding steady or increasing. The only thing that will change the consumptive binge of Americans is an economic collapse of some sort. Sadly this may be what it takes to make my fellow countrymen wake up to the realities of our world.

Re: Global Warming

Global Warming is a fraud. Look back to the 1970's and all the research and worrying that was going on about "Global Cooling." It's funny how in thirty years we've gone from heavy polluting muscle cars and global cooling to pollution restrictions on every vehicle out the wazoo and now are dealing with "Global Warming." Also look back into the history of the planet, as we are right now... the globe is still at one of the coolest temperature points throughout history aside from the ice age. And what exactly is your definition of a gas guzzler? Consider that the average car in the 1950's on had a hard time even managing 12mpg. We have hundreds of thousands of vehicles on our roads that average upper 20-30mpg. Everybody just assumes that all American's drive Hummers and SUV's. I know very few people who drive SUV's, and the ones who do have large families and need them for work and transportation. Everyone on this site needs to stop worrying about Bush and America, and go get a hobby that involves more effort than bitching. It's not up to the governments of this world to take care of the planet, last I was aware it was up to each and every individual to do their part. So if you want to clean the planet up, I recommend severely altering all of your own lifestyles and stop worrying about ours over here in the U.S.

Ben says: Point A to Point B

This whole thing makes me sick, physically and mentally.

I was surfing the American EPA websites and I found this, direct quote:

"Transportation plays a very important role in America. The automobile is the main form of transportation in America. Connecting people from point 'A' to point 'B'."

THis is just another example of Glorious American's. Firstly to every "wank", *achem* I mean "yank" who has dirtied this notice board with literary pollution I have this to say to you.

You claim it's easy to isolate America because of it's size and significance and because everyone does. This is a fair and just comments, maybe we "should" look at other countries instead and not focus on poor america.

But we wont and the reason is simple. We hate HYPOCRITES. We Europeans hate people who make out to be something they're not. In your "language" I believe you call 'em "snakes in the grass" (*said of course in an extremely grating american accent).

When will you wake up and realise that it is not the G-d given right of every American to rape the earth's resources and fart in its air. "personal" transportation is not a good enough reason to kill the lungs of our children and children of their children.

I pity the american who dies from his/her own pollution, because in hell...G-d gave us earth do you think he likes it when he gives us a gift and we spit in his face?.... WE fart in YOUR faces!!,

Re: Ben says: Point A to Point B

Good job, ben!!

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outdated link

Hello Vexen,

I could not find your email address on your website, so I am leaving this message here as a comment for you to delete later.

On the page: Why Do People Hate America? Oil, Pollution and the Kyoto Protocol, which I found in:

you have a very outdated link to my archive: http://daphne.mmdc.net/archives/index.html
Please remove this from your page. Since it still exists as a link, Google refers to it and not my actual archive.

You may substitute it with: http://daphne.mmdc.net/archives.html


DHH of Y&M (my contact email is on my site at http://daphne.mmdc.net/)

Even though you have mentioned mostly BBC facts and quotes,after making the personal research I found out that the overall picture that you have draw is really true. So I would like to add that the USA government can be accused in the fact that they don't care about the future of the USA population and not perceiving the it as the part of the world. Also I would like to add that it is highly important to promote the sustainable development rather than the selfish one.


Have you been to India? The average life span there is 47 because of the pollution they have created and are doing nothing about. The Ganges River, which is holy to them, is so polluted that it has no oxygen in it to sustain life of any kind. If you dare stick your hand in the water about an inch you loose sight of it. The Gompti River which is part of the Ganges River system had a fish die off last year that killed every fish in the a part of the river. In one of the cities along the Ganges the sewage treatment plant runs 40% of the time and dumps the untreated sewage into the river right next to the water intake.

India just launched a multi-million dollar frigate for their navy and they are planning to send a man to the moon in less then 5 years.

They have 5 year old girls working sorting hypodermic needles, used, in bare feet. They have 5 year old girls making matches with any protection.

China several months ago reported that a factory had dumped a strong chemical into one of their rivers. The fumes killed about 200 people.
Who did the reports on China since they are secret society? They will never tell you any thing bad about their country.

Europe, hmmm, let us look at Germany. The Rhine River is a sewer running their country. Industries can pay a fee to dump whatever they desire into the river.

France, have you tried to swim in the Seine running through Paris? I wouldn't touch that polluted river for fear of having my hand fall off.

Italy, Rome may have just built a sewage treatment plant. But I doubt it. I guess the Pope isn't interested in a clean river.

I love America because it tries hard to do the right thing. The Kyoto, whatever, would have forced the industries in this country into an unfair disadvantage, increasing the cost of our products so no one would buy them.

Our country has the World's highest standards in car pollution controls and they are getting tougher every year. We have cleaned our river's waters and in some cases spent millions removing the polluted soil from the bottom of the rivers. The country has spent billions on sewage treatment plant impovements using the latest technology. Our air is getting cleaner every year at great cost to everyone.

Why do people around the World hate us? We are the first at any disaster. We have even sent help to China before they became a trading partner. India refused our aid for the Tsunami victams who still have not received any help from the Indian government. Everyone I know sends money and many people volunteer to go and pay their own way.

The US rebuilt Europe after the Second World War and Japan. Russia did nothing but steal from everyone, including enslaving my country and 10 others. Stalin murdered 20 to 30 million people including my relatives. And who stood up to this mad man?

Why I hate Europe and the likes of you is that you knoe nothing about world history and the people have forgotten who saved your behinds from Hitler, Stallin and any other dictator. Europe and I do not include Great Britain, are cowards and allow others to do their fighting for them.
Your countries are run by weak worms maggots slugs who do not have the backbone to stand up to terror. How many died in the Towers? but I guess that is ok. The US can send their military.

You are a fool because you don't know what you are talking about but only read hate material and that makes you even a bigger fool.

I am not anonymous. I am a very proud American born in Berlin, Germany under the greatest bombings assembled by the Allies. I live because of their sacrifice.

Valdemar Losse

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