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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Oil, Pollution and the Kyoto Protocol


The Kyoto Protocol versus the USA. America is the worlds biggest polluter by far, and is also the most developed country doing least about pollution and waste. The USAs atrocious record on environmental issues is one reason why people hate the USA. By Vexen Crabtree

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Have you been to India? The average life span there is 47 because of the pollution they have created and are doing nothing about. The Ganges River, which is holy to them, is so polluted that it has no oxygen in it to sustain life of any kind. If you dare stick your hand in the water about an inch you loose sight of it. The Gompti River which is part of the Ganges River system had a fish die off last year that killed every fish in the a part of the river. In one of the cities along the Ganges the sewage treatment plant runs 40% of the time and dumps the untreated sewage into the river right next to the water intake.

India just launched a multi-million dollar frigate for their navy and they are planning to send a man to the moon in less then 5 years.

They have 5 year old girls working sorting hypodermic needles, used, in bare feet. They have 5 year old girls making matches with any protection.

China several months ago reported that a factory had dumped a strong chemical into one of their rivers. The fumes killed about 200 people.
Who did the reports on China since they are secret society? They will never tell you any thing bad about their country.

Europe, hmmm, let us look at Germany. The Rhine River is a sewer running their country. Industries can pay a fee to dump whatever they desire into the river.

France, have you tried to swim in the Seine running through Paris? I wouldn't touch that polluted river for fear of having my hand fall off.

Italy, Rome may have just built a sewage treatment plant. But I doubt it. I guess the Pope isn't interested in a clean river.

I love America because it tries hard to do the right thing. The Kyoto, whatever, would have forced the industries in this country into an unfair disadvantage, increasing the cost of our products so no one would buy them.

Our country has the World's highest standards in car pollution controls and they are getting tougher every year. We have cleaned our river's waters and in some cases spent millions removing the polluted soil from the bottom of the rivers. The country has spent billions on sewage treatment plant impovements using the latest technology. Our air is getting cleaner every year at great cost to everyone.

Why do people around the World hate us? We are the first at any disaster. We have even sent help to China before they became a trading partner. India refused our aid for the Tsunami victams who still have not received any help from the Indian government. Everyone I know sends money and many people volunteer to go and pay their own way.

The US rebuilt Europe after the Second World War and Japan. Russia did nothing but steal from everyone, including enslaving my country and 10 others. Stalin murdered 20 to 30 million people including my relatives. And who stood up to this mad man?

Why I hate Europe and the likes of you is that you knoe nothing about world history and the people have forgotten who saved your behinds from Hitler, Stallin and any other dictator. Europe and I do not include Great Britain, are cowards and allow others to do their fighting for them.
Your countries are run by weak worms maggots slugs who do not have the backbone to stand up to terror. How many died in the Towers? but I guess that is ok. The US can send their military.

You are a fool because you don't know what you are talking about but only read hate material and that makes you even a bigger fool.

I am not anonymous. I am a very proud American born in Berlin, Germany under the greatest bombings assembled by the Allies. I live because of their sacrifice.

Valdemar Losse

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Re: India global warming?

I read this article and truly for the first time I believe america needs to get out of europe. You guys are worried about global warming, but your waste from nuclear power plants aren't even mentioned. I am not sure what it would take to rid the planet of the green house gases. I do know france alone has more nuclear waste than the entire north american continent combined, and last I checked that waste shelf life is listed in centuries.
Has europe forgotten the lessons learned at chernobyl, or did europe perhaps make a choice to protect it's economy with nuclear power saying the hell with our neighbors. Yes america does pollute without question. It is also 45% of europe's economy, 85% of canada's economy, 50% of china's economy, and the list goes on and on. I don't entirely disagree with your assessments, but checking all sources the science is weak in global warming thus far.
What really makes me wonder is how everyone thinks they have the right to tell america how to runs it's business and economy, when they have yet to produce one of their own that doesn't depends so much of america's wealth and investment. Since when did the world become america voters with a voice in our politics and vested interest from abroad in regards to spending our tax money. Please before you tell me about your lives on this planet and how we effect it, why not try looking into maybe a plan to pay for all these changes in america you seem to think we need.
When my neighbors trees, small kids, pets, or cars offend me I offer to share the cost of bringing about a compromise or just pay it outright myself with his permission. When we can't agree on a compromise we just agree to disagree. We than walk inside our homes annoyed, and than yell to our wives, "WHAT is the meaning of the word tolerance"?.
Global killers, their are so many, cutting down the rain forest, nuclear waste, non recycling, suv's, old heating systems, nukes, lack of fresh water, global terrorist. It all comes down to choices and each of us has to make their own in our best interest. Oddly the eu with all it's powers and understanding still has multitudes of boilers and standards throughout the eu based on each countries choice of fuel combined with burning waste to save oil. The only thing they seemed to agree on thus far is fining business who pollute, and using their tax dollars to update their heating systems in private home. Most american's dream to not live in cities, thus we don't see the pollution. Yet most every american suburb has recycling, and anti waste burning laws.
In conclusion america is totally different than europe. Our woman have more children, our seniors have more money, and both truly enjoy driving around the usa watching life go by, and doing something special for the kids. Both demand suv's and bigger cars for their lifestyles. Now take away them big vehicle's and put them in your wee little scooters and tiny cars and let them drive about europe's tiny streets for a summer, and we will be at war by Christmas. Our soccer moms are the most dangerous species on the planet in a mobile.
If you really are serious about global warming stop all trade with us until we comply. Demand america keep it's money home. At the very least we will see you putting your economy at risk equally as you demand we put ours. Show us you are serious in your convictions, and not again looking at a trade balance sheet. Better yet pay for all cost and educate us. For once let europe or someone be a world leader sharing the cost of our alleged misconduct.

Re: India global warming?

1) Scientists the world over are worried about global warming. Not just any "you". The majority of USA scientists ackowledge and warn about global warming too, it is a phenomenon that has been studied for decades, but which is now beginning to really affect us. If the USA "got out of Europe", then global warming is still a problem. If the USA stopped trading complete with the rest of the world, then global warming is still a serious problem. Global warming is not an economic problem, it's a worldwide problem. Economics and politics do not matter; the practical, pragmatic reality is that it is too late to avoid it, but not too late to curb how serious it is going to get. No amount of blaming us, or hiding away, or getting angry about it, is going to change it. Reducing emissions as much as possible will help, and nothing else.

2) It doesn't matter how much "of the Economy" the USA is in Europe or elsewhere. Global warming occurs due to the emissions of the manufactering industries and the motor industry, not because of the flows of world trade.

3) People are telling the government of the USA to take global warming seriously because it is the worlds' biggest polluter by far, and therefore it is the country that *NEEDS* to do most about it. No other fact is important: we need to produce less emissions.

4) Nuclear production of electricity reduces emissions. It *does*, as you point out, create long-lasting nuclear waste that needs to be stored. Global warming is an issue we need to face NOW, storage of nuclear waste is an issue that we don't have to face yet. But because it is an issue we will have to face at some point, the long-term orientated governments of Europe are reluctant to use large-scale nuclear power; but, if we have to, then we will have to use it in order to reduce omissions, which, is now the more important problem.

5) No-one is telling America how to runs it's business and economy. The world, including most USA scientists, are telling America to reduce emissions. It can run it's business and economy however it wants, but, it must reduce emissions whilst doing so (the same as every other country and industry must do, too), there is no global issue that is more important. Poverty and disease worldwide are less serious problems; it doesn't matter if there is mass poverty, it global warming continues to get as bad as it can get.

Re: India global warming?

6) Yes, there are many global killers, and ALL of them are being pressurized, including the USA. It's just that as the worlds' biggest polluter, and the worlds' most inactive "modern" country, the USA needs to be pressurized more urgently. But still, all other energy processes are (slowly, typically) being cleaned up.

7) The world is trying to avert a global catasrophe, the USA still thinks' than American luxury is more important than global health; the USA government is wrong.

8) The USA is good at household recycling. American *citizens* are generally conscientous about the enviornment, by comparison the British public don't care about it. But, the British government does, whereas the USA government doesn't. Hopefully, in the future, the American public can convince their government to care about the future, and hopefully the British government can convince it's people to care. Work needs to be done all-round.
http://www.vexen.co.uk/USA/pollution.html points out that USA citizens are good recyclers, and set a good example. On http://www.vexen.co.uk/UK/dislike.html#Waste I point out that the UK is very poor at recycling, compared to Europe and the USA.

These are the facts. What needs to be *done* is that we need to reduce emissions.

9) The EU is a massive and complex group of countries, nearly all of them are in the process of making their industries produce less emissions; there are heavy country-specific and EU-wide fines and penalisations being issued for unclean processes. These are being made stricter every year, and it will need to become stricter still.

10) It doesn't matter how different the USA and Europe are. Both need to reduce emissions. Economics, politics and angry, defensive arguing does not change that fact.

11) Stopping trade with companies that use dangerous and unclean factories and refineries is one way to, slowly, force people to reduce emissions and maybe force more governments to intervene and impose green laws. As such, there are companies who *have* stopped trade with the USA. Unfortunately, our politics is the same as politics everywhere and despite it being the right thing to do, our government also isn't doing *everything* it can to stop global warming. But, nevertheless, ours and many other governments *are* doing things, real things, having a real effect on emissions. There is a long way to go.

The longer the USA holds out against the health of the planet, the more serious the cutbacks in emissions will need to be. The quicker we act, the less serious the problem will be. If we stopped all emissions tomorrow, the Earth will still suffer a decade of global warming... if we stop emissions in 10 years, then it'll suffer for 15 years... the longer we leave it, the more critical points are reached that make it even more unstoppable.

Trade balance sheets do not matter, politics does not matter, we all need to reduce emissions, now, as much as possible.

Re: global warming?

I wish things were as simple as your thoughts. No offense. Economics and quality of life outweigh most everything. A sterile environment is good for surgery, but not for any other form of life. The real problem is everyone expects others to take the bullet so their life style is not effected drastically. I suspect those starving in africa careless about global warming, but that is just my opinion.

America does things entirely different than europe. Poverty is relative, and in the U.S. a large 45.9% of the "poor" own their homes, 72.8% have a car and almost 77% have air conditioning, which remains a luxury in most of Western Europe. The average living space for poor American households is 1,200 square feet. In Europe, the average space for all households, not just the poor, is 1,000 square feet.

You are asking us to take a giant step backwards because we have too much. We have emission standards that tighten everyday with technology, not with poverty. We have decimated our manufacturing business greatly due to emissions. It was 40% of our economy in 1960, it is now less than 12%. We as a nation largely mistrust nuclear power and outright refuse to go in that direction. Nuclear waste is a time bomb begging for just one accident. An odd truth exist about accidents. You can avoid them for decades, but you can't avoid them forever. We will not meet the standards that europe seems compelled to demand of us in this decade. Hopefully we might make it in two decades, just as europe might than rise up to our living standards, or be taxed into oblivion. If and when the science of global warming becomes more concrete instead of theories and speculation america will step up to the plate as a leader, and not a spectator. Evolution is a science also, yet to date no one has produced a missing link. For now we must agree to disagree, and hope all of us are here 30 years from now to debate who kids glow better in the night.

Re: India

My good intended friend, it is you who is ignorant about History - but of course, you'll have to really research; official History is just as real as that the sun turns around the earth. You'll suffer, though.

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