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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

White Light and Other Religions

White Light Religions and Other Religions can sometimes be inspiring

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hello, my real name is Cyria, anyone who knows me would probably think I am a bit of a strange kid. I am 16, and Kinda lost on whatever path I seem to be on. The I discovered my calling. It was of corse satanism. I baisically felt satanic all my life but I never really followed it because I wasn't allowed to. My parents are strong christians. My father is am ex-priest (his church was burnt) and my mother ... well she's wild, that's why she diviorced my father. Now that I live with my mother and her current husband rather them my bio father I can finally do what I've always wanted. Become satanic. I am kinda psyched though. If anyone could sent me any info on satanism please email it to genolilly234@aol.com
Thank you-
yours, Cyria


can anyone give me advice about white witches

Re: witchery


(Yes, I'm reading a lot today!) To most everything on this page I found myself thinking, "yes, yes, yes" except I didn't quite understand this part:

Of the Wiccans, many embrace a combination of good and evil and (rightly) do not differentiate between the two theologically - they are simply Human creation. But many "new" Wiccans, who are finding themselves with a new found social acceptance, are again going for that Good Guy Badge and seperating good and evil. These are called, by the more mature and reasonable Pagans, "fluffs" or "wikkins." Maybe because the only Wiccans I've known aren't the types to practice the White Light/Good Only type of Wicca.

However, the dislike of dogma and especially of hypocrisy IS very refreshing! I don't like the Blind Faith acceptance and try to avoid the Herd Mentality myself. (I recently saw a bumper sticker that read "You noncomformists Are All Alike." *L*) And a few months ago I found out just how Christian Fundamentalist my own biological father is. Yecchh. >:\

Fascinating pages!

it is rediculous for anyone to say that disabled people cannot choose their own religion or choose whether or not they believe in god because they can. In fact i am in the field of working with disabled people and i many of them with religions who believe in them quite strongly. I think that you need to find yourself and not bring up such an issue of whether or not someone is capable of beleiving in a faith or not and get a life. Apparently you have nothing better to do than make yourself look good as a satinist... i am disgusted

What _are_ you talking about?


To: Vexen Crabtree

Subject: Good and Evil

Dear Vexen,
You've got a pretty good view of good and evil; in fact, most people like to deceive themselves or fool themselves into thinking that they know good, when they see it; however, such attitudes are a Self Deception.
The Christian, Muslims and Jews are hung up on self deception and will proceed to kill each other over their views on good just to save their alleged souls; is that a Good.


"Do What thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law", this and "Love under will" is thelema. Yes one must sometimes perform evil to do good in terms of cosmic good. This should be done for the sake of Karma for our world is established around a karmic balance, in this way a thelemite becomes white with flecks of red, black and all other colors. That is the way of Thelema enlightened with other religions most notably hinduism.

White light religions

Mr. Crabtree:

When reading your essay, I recognized that you have a good point about people who think they are righteous becoming imbalanced. I'm not buttering you up - it's called pride, and the danger of it infecting a religious person can be high if they don't expose themselves to other points of view.

I am a christian. I believe God, Jesus, and his early disciples were very keen on making people understand how utterly evil they were, so that they could recognize it and discover true goodness. You seem to express in the article that you believe christianity tries to tell people that they are good. I believe it tries to tell them that they are bad, incapable of good, and that being and doing good can only come about as a sort of "channeling" of God in their lives.

I won't tire you with verses to prove this (unless you want them) and would love to hear your response.

-Trey (tlovettusf@yahoo.com)

I have been learning the art of witchcraft for a couple of years. I will warn you, if you do have a gift, be careful with it. It WILL come back three fold, regardless of whether your intentions are "good" or "evil".You can say all magick ultimately is done for selfish reasons, but who says selfish is evil. Unless your sending out energy to take over the world or for people to suffer, theres nothing wrong with a little luck, health, love spell, etc. We "Wikkies" just don't believe in altering any ones free will.

Blessed Be

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