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Amazon & New CDs

Yay! Amazon things arrived in the post today! I get about £20 vouchers every 3 monthes from the sales made from links from my website to Amazon, so only spent a few £ on:

Wumpscut's "The Mesner Tracks". "Day of the Dead" video, and an autobiography of Marlyn Manson editted by Nick Strauss.

Read through the information I wanted in the MM book. Have seen the video before but it's excellent and wanted to complete my collection of Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead.

The Wumpscut CD is excellent (I'll write a review). I now have Nine Wumpscut CDs! (Click for list and plus reviews) and contains a track based on the Terminator theme tune, which for me is dead exciting :-). It was also fascinating to hear an alternative (earlier) version of Black Death.

There's only one :W: album I don't own now. I doubt I'll try to buy all their singles, I very rarely buy singles.
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