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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Oh my love please God no

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this poem oh my love please God no

I don't like this poem. It is scarey. I think she killed him or something.

I know though that poetry often comes from pain and that it is a therapeutic process to write the pain down in the form of art, to communicate it. I know this from personal painful expereince. So I am really gald that the peot was able to express this and get it out into the light of day so hopefully things will be better for him or her and less painful. May you never have such pain again. May life look up and be better for you and may you continue to practice your art if you want to.

Re: this poem oh my love please God no

i liked this poem, it was great.

(Deleted comment)

Re: ... please god ...

i thought this was a great poem, i RELLY liked it.


I understood that completely... I feel u man.

Heres 1 written by me.
Life to Death

Time after time it passes by
Restless awakening into your eyes

Unheard of voice flush into your mind
Alast you are born and begin to shine

Where there's a begining there is an end
The strands of life are brittle and start to bend

A liquid shadow falls down your spine
Plucking each nerve so, you decline

There are two sides in the end to which you will abide
Choose to be good or in the darkness you will subside

Benjamin Michael Hilbert

Copyright ©2005 Benjamin Michael Hilbert


I loved the poem it was so awsome and i could feel how the auther felt it was sad and emotional. I wish i could write that good So to whom wrote this good-job and please do write more of these poems.

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