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People, eh, gotta love them! Some recent online comments to me include...

I'm after people's souls, apparently! Anyone who reads my websites needs to GET A BIBLE AND GO TO CHURCH!

Your discussion is flawed because you appear to not believe in God

T-Mac reports to me that I need to "Open yourself to me and let a true,intellectual,and articulate argument begin.I've all the answers. And you, in search of this diabolical manifestation, are by your very own actions truly ignorant"

However upon emailing him his response to my questions were neither intellectual or articulate. He actually said "because it's obvious" as some kind of intellectual response to my email. I've emailed him further, but they never reply once they realize I'm actually willing to question their arguments/statements.

all you people who are actually digging this crap are will only truelly be happy and content through God and his son. Confused people, please check out some christian sites before deciding to become a satanist.

Hey Satanist, how are ya'll today. Good I hope because hell is going to be hot. Zechariah 1-1:6 Turn from your evil ways and your evil practices.
God loves you and all, his son died for us. I will pray for you. Fell free to send your false god satan after me. I love all of you

I do not worship power, my strength, and my belief belong to the ONE and ONLY glorious king, christ! however, your beliefs are very interesting and a form of excitment brews within me when i read your information.
I can promise this to everyone, I will NEVER choose your path of darkness, because i live in the light and i will spend my eternity in the most glorious, yet bright and loving presence of the most amazing man that ever lived!


Whether you believe this is logical or not does not change the fact that God created the earth about 6000 years ago and because of one man sin entered the human race and you and I and everyone else on the face of this earth has inherited this sin nature. God has said in His word that anyone who has sinned will have to die and spend an eternity without Him. Well, if sin must be punished with Hell then the only way to be given redemption is by sacrifice. Jesus died for my sins and for your sins so that we would not have to be punished and spend an eternity without Him. I agree this is not one bit logical. That is what the Word of God says is faith.

I do reply, if they email or sign my guestbook, because I have a site dedicated to arguing against single-religion adherents I can copy and paste most my arguments, there's only been ONE person, in the years since 1998, who has held her own against me! More people should be like her.

There's always a sneaking suspicion that anyone intelligent doesn't bother emailing me because I'm an amateur. Which is annoying if true.
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