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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Lucifer, qui lux es et dies (in nomine Satanas)

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Beautiful prayers.that Satan/Lucifer justly deserves. I also.love the mockery of gOd. gOd belongs under our feet. The stench of gOd's mere presents makes mr wantto vomit.

Dear Vexen

wow that is a great poem

I made one up after my lover made love to me.
Lucifer always gives me the best orgasms.

Oh, Lucifer, Bringer of Light
Stretch forth thy hand tonight
lead me in comfort as i respond
to thy gentle touch on hell's fire
bring to me my heart's desire

Oh the sex is great when Lucifer is your fuck
and the emotions he will pluck
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
and if I die before I wake I
pray the Lord my soul to take

Sex driven mad crazy Satan
With his imagination he does awaken
my lust triumphant in this quamire
my love's desire
his passion fire

Let souls' cry out
let demons shout
Lucifer is victorious
one more night
without any fright

this is the end of the new era
with shouts of joy the cream cry out
sperm and dominion over the cunt and the
nipply breast adore his beauty
forever more.

I just made it up.

Camelia Borcean

Hail Satan,
hi vexen,
did u like my poem.....???
I wrote another one.

This one I have published in the library of Poetry and I wrote it when I was in high school.

Lily of the Field
What shall satisfy thy life
shall balm thy pain
shall calm thy strife

For thou art of the field
in a twinkle thy life shall disapear
for what is life?
A brief breath, a smoke,
in a twinkle ty life shall disapear

to love, to hate, to live to die
to scorn, to mourn, oh lily
that is why thou wast born

And in this variegated field
bud, blossom, bloom, and all,
thy flowering season hath a reason
but in thy season what beauty
shalt thou yield?

Take heed, thy day, take heed, thy way,
take heed thy all and all.
Eternal glory or eternal shame,
where shall thy destiny stay?

Peace wherever you go and are and will be
Peace, love, and joy i send to thee
but above all i send my love

my love to thee,
vexen crabtree

love ya tons,

camelia borcean Bride of Satan or Bride of Lucifer

stay cute with your goth look you and your sexy lil self say hi to the wife and to the baby give them lots of hugs and kisses.




hail vexen

Hail Satan,
Hey dude, how are you Vexen, my man with a master plan? I feel important cause I am the Bride of Satan or Lucifer. He is too much for me but i love every bit of it. Last night I received the Crown of Satan because I am his Bride. I can't wait till I fuck him again. You know dude, that poem I wrote is really really good. It's like i want to read it over and over again. And I don't get sick of reading it. Did you like it? Lucifer Rocks! Satan Rules with Power and I am his Bride with God's side and Have more power than Him and more Authority. Because I am his Bride.

Cool Beans!

hugs and kisses sexy,
Camelia Borcean

Hail Vexen

Hail Satan,
So what is new in your life? I got a new job and am able to access the web and type on here all the fun stuff about Satan. Anyway, it behoves me to let you know that Satan is my Husband and I am his bride and Princess. So what is new with you: what topics are you on lately. How is the baby? Logan and the lucky wife Mrs. Crabtree. I really fancy you and respect your oppinion. Send them lots of hugs and kisses and stay sexy.

Always Agape',
Camelia Borcean

I loved "Lucifer, qui lux es et dies (in nomine Satanas)" so much that I'm going to print it out and use it in ritual! Ave Satanas!

Hail Helial

Dearest Vexen,
I saw your images on the comuter and you are sooooo damn fucking sexy, i just want to lick your lolioo big hard dick and swallow your fruity juice and then make sex with you and Satan and He will give us the best orgasm for all eternity and love you for ever more. I love you for ever I love you for always I love you my Vexen my sex fantasy you will be.

From Camelia BOrcean Cammy Ocean
rincess and bride of Lucifer my Satana
with love to thee
Vexen Crabtree!

Re: Hail Helial

Hail Satan,
Hail Vexen,

boy oh boy do i get a kick from reading these posts! lol

any way i'm not that crazy as you might think. For the past four years I have been married to the devil Lucifer Heliel Satan. However, he wants to marry me for the fifth time this year at All Hallows Eve. Hopefully this time it will be better than the last. I do love Satan, very much, but I love God More. Really I do. I miss being able to chat with you.

I am the Bride of Satan. I have more power than him because the Queen is always more powerful than the KING of THE DLROW.
I gots to go peace in the middle east. Peace in Israel. Peace in England and America.


love ya tons vexen crabtree,
from the Princess and Bride of Satan.

hail vexen

oh how i love satan oh how i love beliel oh how i love lucifer
i love him by the span of infinity
by the time of eternity
by the space of the galaxies
by the omnipotence of the universe.
i love him
i love him
i love him
because GOD loves him, most of all.
he is the best that GOD has
the best in the dlrow
the best in the west
the best in the north
the best in the south
the best in the east
the best from the rest
is SATAN that it is!
I am the bride and princess of Lucifer
I am Princess Camelia the fairest princess in all the galaxies and is the Princess of the Universe and have the KEYS TO THE HEAVENS.

I love Satan that's all i really had to say.
Phoenix says hi too.

my love to thee vexen crabtree
from camelia borcean


well its been six years since I got married to Lucifer to be thE Bride of Satan or Lucifer. I see him differently now, a lot more spiritual. ]
Lucifer is the prodigal son. He will be the most forgiven person in this whole universe. I love Lucifer.



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deast7 joel

Hi, How are you? I am excellent!
The topic i choose to write on is LOVE


Scientist know onl whaT LOVE DOES. Love properly applied, coule viertually empty our asylumsd our prisons our hospitals.

Love is the touche stone of Psychiatric treatment. Love can be forstered, extended, justed to subjugate hat and thus cure diseases. Momre and more dealy every day, out of bioloty, andthropoloty, sopcialolohgy history economices the plain common sense, the necessary mandate of survival that we love our neighbors as ourserlves. THis is being confirmed and reaffired. christ gave us only one commandment and that is LOVE.......................................................
Now to the baoratory with love! :)

Where is LOVe there is LOVe whERE IS love, there is God. Is Amen

Tolove is virtually to know, to know is not virtually to love.

Real Friends are those who, when youve made a fool of your serlf dont feel that youve done a permeant job.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for , the evedeience of things not seen, for by it the elders obtained a good report.

Now abide faith hope and charity but the greatest of these is charity

There are five levels of love in the Greek language.



and Philio brotherly love

and the unknown.

Love is in my heart and i am ready for a brand new start of joy and happiness to fill my life with faith hope and most of all LOVE>

thanks for coming over on Christmas you made me sooooo very happpy. I have joy and peace and love and much happiness.

May GOd BLess you always and forever,


Amy Ocean

Re: deast7 joel

Dearest Vexen Crabtree, Last night i met the most handsomest man alive and he was smoking some medical mariquana wqith me at the park. Cortez Park, I told him that i am the Princess Bride of Lucifer and he was verry amuzed. I would do hime in a heart beat. Just thinking about him gives my pussy and orgasm. God he is so fucking dam sexy. I want him really bad, Does that make me too easy to please. Boy oh BOy can wait to suck his nipples and his cock and toss his salad too. Can't wait till i get my own appartment to invite hime over. Love ya dudue. Love Agape, Camelia Amy Georgiana Borcean ps. i'm pregnant and going to have a baby. Love ya tons keep in touch lololololo xoxooxoxox hugs and kissse senidng a smile across the smiles.

hi vexen

First of all, I love God and God is very important to me. I was told that because I love Jesus and Jesus is my Savior I broke the ties that Satan has on me as his bride. I love Jesus and I am a Christian. I want others to know that God is very good and I love God and Jesus very much. I no longer consider myself as the bride of Lucifer or Satan. I am a child of the most high God and King of my heart Jesus Christ.

Thanks for understanding.

Amy Ocean

hail vexen

Hello i have been married to the devil for 8 years this june 6 is our anniversary. Satan and i signed the peace treaty of armagedoñ and i ripped his wings off and he no has wings. But in the eight years that i hace been married he never killed me ir hurt me. Yes i hace been tested and tried and proven by satan. We are in the new millenium and in the years of jubalee. There was a sign given of a double rainbow that the earth will not be destroyed by water ir fire. The keys to the heavens are the elements earth air fire water and the greatest element love. Love is what will bring world peace.
Camelia borcean

happy holidays

And now abide faith, hope, love but the greatest of these is love. Love will bring world peace. Even when it rains the sun shines because there is a silver lining behind each cloud. May you find true love that will bring peace, joy, hope, faith and real love in your life. Can u believe it is 2016. Time flies when u r having fun. I HOPE this year will be better than last year. God bless u vexen crabtree. I send me love thee.

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