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On one hand, I regard my militant feelings about tidiness and cleanliness as an indication that I do strive to make my life as good as possible. A clean house makes people inwardly more happy.

On the other hand, it is a flaw, because I "notice" mess more than most people. So when I live with people with a students' attitude to cleanliness, I'm off-key and out of sync.

So I try to incorporate cleaning into my RSI excersices/breaks. I have to take frequent breaks, and a half hour break every 2 hours, so I use this time to clean things up around the house (there's enough mess, believe me, that I could it forever!). So I try to justify that I'm housekeeping for my housemates by saying that instead I'm just making myself happy in my half hour breaks. It works most the time!

I'm always torn between either trying to accept that my ideals are too high and ignoring mess, and being slightly unhappy, or trying to coerce my housemates into adopting some standards, and me feeling horrible about moaning at them.

But anyway... I said all this to Orin a day or two ago whilst feeling bad after writing my last entry which appeared to blame it all on him!
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