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Wooooo! I have so much to do! Selected bits from my "Web Pages To Do" larges notes file...

  • The usage of the musical word "Industrial", comparing it's development to the musical word "Goth" and "Black Metal"
  • The development of lingo in specific fields and whether this is good for Satanism or not
  • Reincarnation and religious belief/experience
  • Expand my Masturbation essay to include a large section on technique inc. testimonies
  • Satanic Apologetics website (about LaVey, the COS, countering some criticisms of Satanism (those that can be countered anyway!))
  • An essay on Hell and the history of the meaning of the word and it's usage/imagery in Satanism
  • Text on how people become Satanists and on the phenomenon of instant conversion
  • Large essay promoting Universalism within Christianity, including Scriptural arguments
  • Promotion of personal belief and individualism over religious legalism
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