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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve, by Vexen Crabtree

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Re: from Alice, a 15 yrs old Christian girl :)

[[dear...friends :)

i like your ideas about God although I don't know anything about this subject...I don't know who to believe in, and perhaps I should study myself a little, because my parents are Christians and so am I as they keep telling me, but why? i don't believe in God as much as my parents or friends. sometimes i think i don't believe in God at all...just because i dont see Him...

maybe you shouldn't write on your site that God isn't a good parent, because this might be only your opinion, and you might have problems. You can't say this kind of stuff about the spirit who is supposed that have created you, just because it is not...nice perhaps]]

Hi Alice,

You seem like a nice person, so I'm going to give it to you straight.

This is the abbreviated no crap version of Christianity in the bible.

'god' the father ('GTF') told Jesus that he needs to face being tortured and crucified or he (GTF) will send everyone on the planet earth to burn in hell for not passing a test that is impossible to pass (according to Paul, the originator or Pauline Christianity and the grandfather of your churches beliefs). This impossible to pass test is being sinless because we are born with original sin. So, you failed the test soon as you were born and 'GTF' says that because of this, you deserve to be sent to hell and burn.

Jesus, a good guy, didn't want to die, so he begged 'GTF' at least three times in the book of Mark to "take this cup from me". 'GTF' callously ignored him.

Jesus, being the good guy that he is, took the bullet for you so to speak because he responded to 'GTF's' terrorist threat by being a stand up guy.

Now, evil 'GTF' tell each Christian to say that making Jesus respond to this terrorist threat is "good" and "mercy" or he will send you to hell to burn.

'GTF' tells you to use the blood of the good and innocent man named Jesus to buy your way out of hell.

You see, 'GTF' is pissed at you for something you can't change. Being guilty of original sin is like being "guilty" of breathing, so 'GTF' is shooting at you and telling Jesus "you can jump in the way if you want, but I'm shooting anyway".

Jesus took the bullet for you and makes Jesus a good guy, BUT what does this make 'god' the father?

Sorry hun, but it makes 'god' the father evil. I didn't make the rules, I just report them.

The Vampire

Re: from Alice, a 15 yrs old Christian girl :)

alice that was all wrong what he told you. Jesus did not beg God to not let Him die. what happened there was this: Jesus asked if He could pass this cup by, referring to the cup of Gods wrath that would be poured out on mankind in the end times. if He went hrough with His crucifixion. He was still trying his heart out for mankind. God, in His love for mankind, knew that because of sin we are not worthy to come to Him. But by the purity of Jesus' blood( for He was not defiled) we could be clean and come to him. In the old testament God told noah to cover the ark within and out with pitch. the word in the hebrew is "kophar" and the only way the people would be saved was to be covered by that kophar( in the ark) for all others perished. in the new testament that covering of atonement is the blood of Christ which is the new kophar...God is in no way evil. He is a God that loves each of us enough that He does not control us but gives us free-will to choose as we feel. do what we want and act as we please. but we must know that all actions have consequences. even in our everyday lives. our decisions have consequences. that is all that God is telling us. it is written, "the knowledge of the truth shall set you free"..learn the the truth and be free little princess..

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