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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

A Holey Man

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Darkness is free...hollow...breathless...
mindless...evil is dark

"There is a time for each to die. It is not the death that
is so drear but the fear of death. Fear is the darkness.... At the end what remains is not riches, not structures of stone
but remembrances of those few people we have joined spirits with."

The Vampire




Thanks for the terrorist threat. The thing is, your goblin king has no power over me.

The only power 'god' has is the power to instill fear in the ignorant.

Fear is the darkness, remember?

The Vampire

hahaha! "goblin king", despite my position as a "sorta-christian", i find that term absolutely kickass!

and ya, to the brainwashed christian, who are you to bring your religion to people who obviously dont want it? you're like those fuckin missionaries thinkin the Africans WANT god... if god wanted them to see him he should show himself for once! none of this shit i keep readin bout in the bible about "i shall reveal myselves to those to seek me" cuz thats just stupid, he's lettin "his children" burn in hell cuz he wont show himself! c'mon, god... lend us a fuckin hand!

1. In the fields history sows seeds
Everything I have ever known
The Jinn yield to all of our needs
is gone

2. Hollow man
I can defeat myself if I become
A hollow man

3. War on yourself to exorcise
All of the passions I have known
Darkness shelved embrace the skies
have passed

4. Hollow man
My desires are holy only when I'm
A hollow man

5. I cast primeval thoughts aside
Humanity becomes unknown
Not facing evil within, I hide
to me

6. Heartless man
I can defeat my evil if I am
A heartless man

7. I will not reep my own rewards
All of my past is now unknown
To be a sheep to be the Lord's
and dead

8. Heartless man
My desires do not tempt me I am
A lifeless man

Well I’ll be damned. You ‘get’ it. Almost no one else does.

Egoism i.e. taking pride in one’s own accomplishments and EARNING self esteem is deemed bad by the one’s who mortify the self and loath themselves and the accomplishments of others. And since “having” is “bad” then asceticism is “holy”, or so they say. What asceticism REALLY is, is an attempt to concur oneself, to quash one’s own desire to work towards one’s own welfare which is “selfish” i.e. supposed to be bad.

The ones in fear of themselves attempt to stuff the “bad self” back in the cage and deny it exists, when what they are really doing is warping their own psyche. Where they would have expressed a healthy sense of naughtiness as everyone else does, when their “bad self” finally gets out of the cage, it is crazed from abuse and runs rampant ‘till they “hit rock bottom” or finnish their “jag”. Then the Jin is bottled back up again, Mr. nice goes back to church and makes a lot of promises and vows to leave the drugs, drink and young girls alone forever, but forever turns into merely the next time. ‘Very unhealthy indeed. Such self-torture creates schisms in one’s psyche...and worse, they learn that they cannot trust themselves. Once self-trust is destroyed, they are prime victims for religions such as Christianity, which perpetuates the abuse with pathological faith and valuing anti-values such as self-hatred and hatred of our planet.

The Vampire
(Agnostic atheist and rational egoist)

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