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Went to Slimelight on Saturday night.

Was fun! Lots of dancing! I started dancing early... so I actually hurt my feet and managed to tire myself out. I returned to the downstairs floor for a few hours... ie, I didn't spend all my time on the techno/rave/industrial floor.

Talked to some random people... Azziza (a girl who I meet sometimes in the London goth scene), 2 nice girls called Chow and Imajin (they owe me a drink if I ever see them again!), and a regular called Alison, briefly, who was playing pool. Joe, Ia'Kat's friend, was there and we talked a little. Also Goth Dan... we gossiped; we knew each other at Hertfordshire University.

I drunk: 1 hooch and 4 red (rasberry?) Bicardi Breezers, 3 coffees, ate a mars bar and a lolly, and about 4 pints of water.

I didn't stay around Camden afterwards, I returned straight home on account of my more-than-normal hurting foot. I think I might have bruised it at some point before even getting to Slimelight!

My slimelight page: Slimelight

Fun fun fun... I need sleep now!
Tags: camden, dancing, slimelight
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