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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Just got round to working out some of mIRC's scripting system... it's efficient and cool and I think (with it's ability to invoke any program and DLLs) it is capable of doing pretty much anything.

So I set out with the intention of writing a script that posted "Now Playing" information to mIRC. The first thing I knew I'd have to do is write a VB program to get the band:track of the currently playing file. Done that.

They I wrote mIRC scripts, using a series of aliases and a timer that repeats every 5 mins to print "/me np Test: Test", which worked. I made my VB program print the NP information to a file, and altered the timer's alias command to print the contents of that file, then call my vb program.

Now, whenever I connect to mIRC it automatically prints my "NP" information every 5 mins, I don't have to do anything! It just works and when it fails (if nothing is playing) then it doesn't crash, it just does nothing. Yay.

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Most chat clients have this strange cancer that gives them miasmically awful scripting languages. TinyFugue rules supreme among them for having the most disgusting language I've ever come across - even worse than C-shell, and that takes some doing Now all we need to do is port mIRC to UNIX...

I'm sure you'll find many uses for the scripting system. I will, however, /gag you about 305 seconds after you turn up in a channel with that particular gizmo turned on!

I don't do chat much... but when I've gone on the goth ones music is all the rage, you see, and lots of people punctuate the conversations with NP: information... so this way I'm merely keeping up whilst having to press less actual keys on the keyboard :-)

It posts every 5 minues... 20 sentences an hour isn't too bad when the room has 40 or so people on it... and by default my script is only programmed to post to the channels "uk_goffs" and "satanism" (which I mostly own on the server I use).

But... it's very easy to turn off "/timer1 off" and I'd much rather turn it off (stupid script...) than have you gag me!

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